If You’re Afraid Of Following Your Passion, Read This

Words are like the match that ignites the fire. Once you’ve read them, they can become the turning point in our emotional evolution. And as much as times change and every story differs, there is one unique thing that will always bind us—passion.

No matter who or what it’s for, we all carry a burning passion for something. It’s part of who we are. No one can deny the flame of love. But also, at some point in our lives, we all fear embracing the very challenge of doing what we love. Whether it be down to what others will think about it or deliberating its worth against what you’re “supposed” to do, we’ve all been there, fighting the internal battle raging on inside our hearts.

But imagine a world in which we all followed the same path. How dull would that be? There’s got to be a reason we’re all wired so differently, and surely that reason is always worth exploring.

In my eyes, the answer to that question is always “yes,” and after reading this powerful quote, I am even more adamant that we deserve to give ourselves that opportunity.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh

These timeless words carry a poignancy that resonates with all of us. In this short but sweet quote, Vincent reminds us of the purpose of our very existence: to have the courage to be who we are.

As much as society likes to map out an expected path for us all, it’s perhaps worth not taking it too literally. What we’re fed is a guideline, not a set rule, and not everyone need follow it to the letter in order to find happiness. If you have something in your heart you need to discover, then explore it. Despite what others say and however much you try to suppress it, the feeling won’t go away if you don’t.

Ignoring the flame will only make it burn deeper.

So next time you need to find the strength to continue pursuing what you love, remember Vincent’s words of wisdom. Defy the odds and go for it anyway. Because, whether you win or lose, life is far better lived when there are a few surprises along the way.

After all, this journey is yours to create, so make sure you craft it with conviction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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