6 Kickass Affirmations To Hijack Your Negative Mindset

1. Screw you, haters! I deserve the best and that’s all I’ll ever accept.

To the people I was meant to believe in but let me down – eff you! You promised me you wouldn’t be another person in my life who’d take me to this place, yet that was the first place you drove me to. And don’t try and act all high and mighty now. Even with all your power and status, you are not above the moral law, and I am not below mutual respect. I will not hate myself because you cannot treat me the way I deserve. So instead, hear me when I say this loud and clear: “Screw you!”

2. #Sorrynotsorry, but I always have been (and always will be) more than enough.

Cast judgement as much as you like — I know my flaws. Like every human being on the planet, I have both strengths and weaknesses. I am made up of parts that are both good and bad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This world would be a pretty dull place if we were all the same. So no matter what anyone else thinks or says about me, I’m not going to feel bad when I admit that I am enough. But just remember, before you judge me or anyone else for this, you better make damn sure you’re perfect.

3. Don’t like my attitude? TOUGH. I’ve got it, so I’m flaunting it.

Opinions are like buttholes — everyone has one. However, I just so happen to enjoy parading mine around (my opinion, not my butthole). I get that you won’t like everything I have to say or agree with all of my sentiments, and you don’t have to. Just know that sugarcoating my words is not on the literary menu. I own my mindset and won’t be changing it for anyone. So, my friend, you have a choice: like it or lump it. Because I am what I am, and that person is here to stay.

4. You’re ruining my zen! I am in charge of how I feel and am free to let go of your bad vibes. 

You keep saying words, but I just don’t hear anything worthwhile. It’s like you want me to drop at the knee and bow down to you like you’re some kind of a god. Oh, but wait. You’re not. You’re just another person, like me. So guess what? You’ll get treated fairly, like everybody else. In this case, your negativity is killing my vibe and I don’t like it. Therefore, I think it’s fair to say, “Bye now!” I know who I am and don’t need your unfounded opinion attempting to define my identity. That’s not how things work around here. Go find another plaything, because I’m looking for an equal. Life is too short for these games.

5. Get off your high horse! These reins are mine. I am the maker of my own destiny.

It’s funny because, once upon a time, I’d have believed your lies. There was a time when I respected you as an authority. I thought my place was beneath you, but I was wrong. You see, respect is earned, not owed, and you thought that you could bypass that. Hindsight taught me to see things more clearly. Now that I have 20/20 vision, I can see that you’re on nothing more than an ego trip. That definitely isn’t something I care for. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll be taking the wheel from here. I know where I’m going and, by hook or by crook, I will get there. Thanks for the ride though — you’ve taught me a lot. But I can do the rest without you.

6. Dammit, world! Stop trying to stop me! I WILL NOT give up!

Obstacles are part of life’s playground — I see that now. Not everything turns out the way it should. What started as a stepping stone to a better place turned into an unwinnable course on Takeshi’s Castle. But I refuse to accept it’s over. I still want it. I still can have it. So I’m going to keep trying until I finally get there. If other people can do it, that’s all the hope I need to hold onto. Frustrated as I am, you can’t stop me. This is my passion and I’ll do whatever it takes to get where I need to be. Knock me down all you like, I’m just going to come back fighting. But next time, I’ll be stronger than I was before. I know my worth now and there’s no way I’ll ever forget it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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