Love Is The Goal—Life Is The Journey

The most beautiful moments in life are usually the ones that require a lot of effort from the beginning. Whether that effort is in its creation or maintenance, nothing that’s easy to obtain ever feels as good as when you’ve worked hard to achieve it.

Maybe that beautiful moment is when you finally throw your graduation hat to the sky in celebration of your well-earned grades. Or maybe it’s when you bungee-jump out of a plane after spending so long completely mortified by heights. Or perhaps it’s even going out of your comfort zone and just getting up early to watch the morning sunrise. Whatever it is, some people will still argue with you and tell you to get your head out of the clouds, but you shouldn’t listen to them. For they’ve never experienced that beautiful moment.

Love is a multifaceted emotion. It’s held deep within your heart and then soars through your body when it’s awakened by these beautiful things. Anyone who’s felt this knows it’s rare. This feeling is pure, it is true, and it’s the only thing you should settle for.

People may tell you that you’re a cynic and that you need to broaden your horizons, but how can they expect a powerful emotion to be elicited from nothing? Weakness can’t be the foundation of power and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The truth is, some people just want the best end-result with minimum effort. They want to have the perfect body but would rather pop a slimming pill than cut out the cake and up the exercise. They want to get through college with good grades but don’t want to do the coursework or attend any of the lessons. They want to be in the perfect relationship but offer no patience for a connection to properly flourish. But just because they accept that way of living doesn’t mean that you have to as well.

We’re in a society driven by greed and haste, where everything is handed to us with the promise of instant results or immediate gratification attached with little effort. But does that end-result really feel the same when you’ve cheated your way to the top?

How can it?

How can you know an emotion’s true intensity without properly living the journey leading up to it?

The fact of the matter is, if you are willing to have patience when working towards your goals, achieving that true rush of happiness is undoubted. Nothing will beat the proud smile you’ll wear on your face once your efforts finally pay off. Whether it’s with romance or a project, friends or a job, this isn’t luck. This isn’t a fluke. This is you and your dedication coming to fruition. And wow, isn’t it truly amazing?

Contrary to public judgement, you are not dead inside or dreaming too big. You’re not a cynic who needs a dent in their ego or to settle down. You are a person who is patient and virtuous. Your heart is strong and so is your head.

You know exactly what love is, and that’s why you know it’s worth waiting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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