5 Titillating True Tales Of Sex Abroad That Are Almost Too Wild To Be Real

Jérôme Licht
Jérôme Licht

1. Sex Under The Full-Moon

“I spent the spring semester of my Junior year of Undergrad in Paris. I had told myself before going into the semester that I really wanted to explore my sexuality and hook up with guys that weren’t my usual type (boring, generic, skinny hipster boys). I had been on a nice, enlightening streak of hook ups when I met this ex-navy seal at a bar. He was HUGE— the very size of his head intimidated me. He had been eyeing me across the bar for some time, his man bun peeking above the crowd. Finally I said fuck it and dragged my friend Eliza over there to talk to him with me. We chatted for hours. He bought me glasses on glasses of rosé and told me stories of his travels and his experience in the Navy. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how he felt a special connection between us, which was flattering but a little off putting considering we had just met.

We ended up going back to my apartment, upon his request. We began hooking up and he looked even better than I had imagined with his shirt off so I was very excited. Suddenly, he started sobbing midway through the make out and said he “couldn’t go on.” I was extremely confused so I rubbed his back and asked him what was going on. He told me he had something very important to tell me that he had never told anyone before. He said that because of our connection he thought that I would be the only one to understand. ‘Tell me…’ I ventured, attempting to get him to open up about what the hell was going on. ‘I’m a werewolf,’ he said. He proceeded to get incredibly angry at me after I asked him if he had taken any drugs and started flailing his arms in the air exclaiming, ‘I should’ve known you wouldn’t understand!’ I managed to kick him out and get him into a cab, but needless to say, my sexual adventures abroad ended there.”– Samantha, 26

2. The Raunchy Robbery

“I was hooking with this girl on my program on the beach behind this club in Cape Town, South Africa. Everything was going well, things were getting pretty hot and heavy. We had just started having sex, assuming it was dark enough and that there wasn’t anyone around when a man approached us at full speed. We immediately stopped, anxiously pulling pants up and brushing the hair out of our faces. The man was holding a knife, waving it in the air and threatening to use it unless we handed over all of our possessions. Not wanting to risk anything, we both handed over everything. The girl I was with handed over her purse which had everything in it—phone, wallet and valuable make-up and jewelry. Understandably, she spent the rest of the night sobbing while I comforted her.” – Tim, 23

3. The Tent-Loving Trip Leader

“When I was 20 I went on this summer program in Botswana. It was a volunteer trip to build a bathroom in a school there. Our first day we got straight to work under the guidance of our Trip Coordinator. I admired him from afar as he lifted concrete bricks and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. He had these crazy big arms and this full, sexy beard. The only problem was that he was 39— so we had a bit of an age gap. At the end of the day, we went back to our tents and all began drinking and getting to know each other. I ended up getting completely blacked out and waking up in my trip coordinators tent. But, to my relief, we ended up having sober morning sex.” – Amanda, 27

4. McDonald’s and Chill

“I was hanging out with one of my guy friends on my program in Shanghai, China. He was one of those people it was incredibly platonic with and there was never any worry between us that anything sexual would happen. We didn’t have that much work abroad so one Tuesday night we were really bored and decided to go to McDonalds. We got 2 burgers each, tons of McNuggets and fries and brought them back to my bed. We talked about feeling isolated and lonely as we stuffed our faces and somehow I started to feel that tingly feeling in my limbs: I wanted to sleep with him. I found my arm on his knee and all of a sudden we had pushed the fries and cardboard containers onto the floor and were full on hooking up. Who knew McNuggets could be such a turn-on?”– Brynne, 23

5. Look ma, no-hands!

“I was at a club in Budapest and was feeling myself a little too much. I ended up attracting this super hairy guy who came over to me claiming that I was looking at him with “come fuck me eyes.” Somehow in the moment, I wasn’t turned off by that and we ended up going home together. We proceeded to have sex 5 consecutive times, with only a short break in the middle for him to make a grilled cheese. While he was eating the grilled cheese, he stood across the room and licked his lips seductively throughout. He then came over to me and used my breasts as a map of his city, grabbing the left one and saying ‘this one’s buda’ while the right one is ‘pest’ and then tracing his fingers down my cleavage saying “this is the river.” A few days later, he sent me a dick pic with both of his hands in the image so I was left wondering: ‘Who took it?'”– Kelly, 21

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