Are You Thinking Of Me Too?

Joseph Albanese
Joseph Albanese

Are you up right now thinking of me too?
Are you craving my smile and tickles down your bare back as you lay your weight onto mine?
There’s lively chatter outside my window,
a late-night house party filled with laughter
and Italian slurred into English
and plates and forks clattering.
And the tangible sensations of connection in the darkness of midnight make me miss you.
Even if it’s only been a day.
Make me want you, all of you,
holding me like I’m the one, like I’m everything you’ve been looking for,
because you are everything I’ve been looking for
…I think.
I want to be entangled with your body late into the night,
sharing memories
and childhood scars
and heartbreaks
and pleasures.
I want to hold your hand,
feel its softness tenderly embrace mine with unforced might.
Do you feel that too?
Do you want that too?
Tell me, are you thinking of me too? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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