5 Things I Want Girls To Wear More Of

1. High-waisted skirts


Not sure what it is about high-waisted ballerina skirts — also unsure if I’m a year or two behind — but they really project a kind of sophisticated sex appeal that puts a typical A-line to shame. These are actually some of the coolest/ most colorful/ shiniest (chic) I’ve seen. There’s somthing confident and feminine about high-waisted skirts, how they highlight our figures (specifically those legs, call me maybe?). At the risk of sounding stupid and confused (which I may very well be; I’m sure many of you are already decided one way or another), I think the high-waisted skirt infuses feminine style with a specific order of class, respect, and sex appeal that’s like, irresistable, and in my humble opinion, boner-inducing (metaphorically, in my case).

2. Patterned tights that are not leopard print

Forever 21
Forever 21

Seems like anything leopard print is an instant turn off for me, whether on a dude or a chick. Can’t really even comprehend how leopard print ever became a legit ‘thing,’ and I really hope I never see a dude walking around in a leopard print pair of pants, but that’s besides the point. The point: patterned tights. Ladies, these are hot. Simple, elegant, and clean-looking, a clever pair of patterned tights clarify the beauty of your legs and, like, make them more interesting to look at? So yeah, please: more patterned tights!

3. Sheer, (preferably) collared blouse + slightly visible bra combo


This is so hot. I don’t care about the size of your breasts or your body type, if I can just barely see through your buttoned-up-to-the-neck-collared-blouse and catch a glimpse of that black bra you’re wearing underneath, could I get your number? We could even just be friends; the only caveat would be that you’d have to wear the sheer blouse + black bra combo all the time. Like, you’d have to sleep in it too. Preferably in my bed.

4. Clothes traditionally concieved of as masculine

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction

WASPy button-downs, skinny ties, suspenders, bowties = boners. It has been noted by at least one Hemingway biographer that the hyper-masculine author was especially intrigued by, err, maybe had a hard-on for sort-of androgenous women. Not that his preferences legitimize my own, but I’m right there with Hem, ‘saluting’ this androgeny trend. The sun is not the only thing that rises.

5. Metallica t-shirts

Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Not just Metallica ones. But you know — vintage Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc. The t-shirt has to be black and she has to look like she just woke up with her eyes a little puffy and her hair (black with a few sea-green streaks) just a little mussed. I know it’s hipster, and here I am apologizing for my preferences again ‘cos I’m sure y’all are gonna give me some shit for liking how a female looks in an old t-shirt, but damn. Ladies who rock these shirts — you have my standing ovation. TC mark


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