Here’s To The 6 Greatest F.R.I.E.N.D.S Of All Time

20 years ago, a wonderful little show called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” started. No one knew how much it would change the lives of people around the world. No one could anticipate the sheer amount of awesomeness that show had.

10 years later, to the day, it ended — and a million eyes cried.

I cannot even tell you how much I love this show. I can watch it again and again and again, and still never get tired of it. This was the show, people, that set the bar for other comedy shows. Many came and went, but none will ever equal it.

No one will be able to replace Joey with his “How you doing?” and his slow response time, and his love for his friends (and his food, ‘cause hello, Joey doesn’t share his food!). He was there for everyone at some point or the other, and despite not having much money (his payback to Chandler was his movie premiere, where unfortunately Chandler fell asleep), always had a huge heart.

No one will ever take the place of Phoebe with her weirdness and her eccentric behavior and her belief that yes, her mother’s spirit was in a cat, and “Mr. Heckles should go towards the light!”, and the fact that her mom killed herself, and her stepfather was in prison, and her twin sister starred in porn movies! And oh yes, last but not the least, no one can sing “Smelly Cat” better than her.

How can we forget Chandler, with his commitment phobia, and his recurring relation with “Janice? Oh, it’s Janice!” and then “OH. MY. GOD!” He loved his jokes — he used humor as a defense mechanism since, you know, his parents split up, and his dad became a woman — he was the sarcastic one, and practically no one expected him to end up with Monica, though that really brought out his mature side (“I’m not yet a father, but my wife, she is already a mother, without a baby”). That scene brought tears to my eyes. Literally.

Of course there is Monica with her obsessive cleaning, and her love of cooking, and her ‘kookiness’ (how dare Rachel move the green ottoman!). She loved kids and loved her brother and was the most generous person ever. (I mean, come on, who lets someone start living with them without prior notice? Who lets Joey eat out of their fridge all the time?)

And last but certainly, not least, are Ross and Rachel. It is not possible to write one without the other, because they invariably end up together. They are the couple that was always, always meant to be and is the one couple which is actually the best on-screen couple of all time. (I’m sorry, HIMYM finale fans, but Ted and Robin don’t even come close.) Ross, with his science and his PhD and his paleontology and Rachel with her fashion, shopping, fashion, and more fashion are the most opposite couple ever, but somehow, together they make sense. (Yes, since the ninth grade actually. Imagine if Ross had actually proposed to Rachel then!) They have so much history together (The red sweater, the tiny shirt, Emma!), and have so much drama, but yet somehow still manage to retain their place in our hearts.

This is a tribute to the amazing, wonderful show called F.R.I.E.N.D.S, that taught me to believe in myself, to let go of all the negativity (i.e. clean my aura!), taught me how to laugh, how to love, how every moment spent with friends is a moment to be cherished, and how it will never be the same without these six wonderful characters in my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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