When It Comes To You, I Know What Is Lost Will Always Be Found

Alex Vans-Colina

You’re all I’ve ever known to be true. There is so little to which I can confidently cling; at any given moment, I feel as though reality could dissolve in front of me like a rug being swept from under my feet.

But when I think of you, I feel solid.

There is no doubt that even if I were to close my eyes, you would remain behind the orange-tinted darkness. Even if the universe were wiped clean, you would still be there. In a world where everything seems pseudo-permanent, where even concrete eventually cracks, you are my anchor in the whirling wind.

You are the North Star in my darkest night, a landmark etched in the midst of foreign land. Whenever I get lost, whenever I have stumbled too far into the dizzying woods, it’s you for whom my eyes frantically search.

And when all has been hidden away by an infinite blanket of black, and I forget why I am here under this vast and eternal sky, I look up at you, and you imbue my steps with purpose and direction once again.

Even in those starkly solitary moments, when I am harassed at every turn by existential questions, you steady my heart, and I am centered once again.

When I no longer feel entrenched in my surroundings, when I am no longer firmly planted on the ground, and my feet seem to be tied to helium balloons – you are the grass for which I desperately grasp. And with the sturdy earth in my hands, I know I cannot be swept away.

With you, I know I will never be lost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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