To The Ones Who Left Too Soon


Unbeknownst to you, you were on the brink of a revelation
of discovering the enigma that lied beneath the thick husk of her

all the mysteries you will never unravel
all the roads in her winding mind
leading to places you will never visit
harbouring flavours you will never taste

and when the wanderlust consumes you
when it itches at your heels
she will be nowhere to be found

for she will have traveled far beyond your reach
entangled in the depths of her inner world
from which you have been forever barred

you trifled with a woman you didn’t care to know
and so you were too quick to disregard
a diamond on a gravel road

the repercussions of your acts, however,
will not be so easily escaped nor foreign to you;
for all that was lost will haunt you forever

it is not with her, but with regret
with which you will come to be acquainted
intimately so

and this encounter with regret
will not be for the casual or faint of heart;
for it will wrap itself around your neck

committed to you forever
tethered till the very end Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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