7 Self-Realizations Your Birthday Makes You Have 

1. You realize who truly cares about you. 

Your mom will never forget your birthday, unless you have a terrible mother (in which case, sorry about that). How much people care about you basically ranges from 0 – Mother’s Love. On your birthday, you will discover who falls into the 0 category, who lands somewhere in the middle, and who nears close to Mother’s Love.

2. You realize that now is as good a time as any.

It’s no new notion that time passes fast, and whatever it is you’re waiting to make happen, you may as well do it now. There is no significance in years alone; meaningless moments will amalgamate into an entire lifetime, unless you consciously design your life. And the secret is this: that magical life starts by starting, now.

3. You realize that age is really a relative thing.

You don’t feel that much different from year to year, you don’t look all too different, and the number means pretty much nothing. You know 40 year-olds who act like they’re 20, and 20 year-olds who act like they’re 40. All that evolves is society’s perception of you, and the respective expectations that come along with that perception. With age, come fewer restrictions, and much more responsibility.

4. You realize who really matters to you.

The people you wish were there, the people you want to spend that day with – those are the people you truly care about. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t match up with #1. C’est la vie.

5. You realize that every day only holds as much significance as you assign to it.

You get to make every day special, or every day mundane. The choice is yours. Every day can feel like a new cycle, full of opportunity and excitement. Fresh starts don’t have to be marked by January firsts or birthday mornings – you can have a fresh start any moment you choose, and you can have a perfect day any day your heart desires.

6. You realize how much a small gesture can mean.

When someone rings you up or sends you a postcard in this age of generic Facebook greetings, well, it can mean a whole lot. It’s not the call or the postcard that are so mind-blowing; it may be the most awkward conversation you’ve ever had, or the crappiest postcard you’ve ever seen. What warms the cockles of your heart is that someone stopped to think of you.

7. You realize that birthday wishes are sacred ties between you and the Universe, and you treat them as such. 

Because wishes do come true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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