How You Know She’s The One


We’re always searching for that special someone in our lives. Endlessly waiting for that one person that sweeps us off our feet. Some may call that person a soulmate, others, a significant other, a shoulder to lean on. Once we actually do find that person, it’s as if we’ve never experienced anything like it before. She’s all that you think about, all that you talk about, and every second of the day that goes by without you talking or seeing her just chews up your inside, as if there’s a hole in your heart just waiting for her to fill it with all that she is, and will be, in your life.

You know she’s the one by the way she smiles and laughs. When she smiles, it’s as if nothing else in the world even matters. Her smiles make you smile, and her laughs make you laugh. It doesn’t even have to be anything funny, because every time, we’re “in the moment”. Your day is instantly uplifted, and throughout this process, just staring at her lips bend at the corners slowly, yours begin to bend as well.

You know she’s the one by the way she treats others. Her care for others makes you want to do the same. Because, really, you are a better you because of her. She always thinks of others first, and herself last. So that’s why you have to think of her first, because who else is there then? When she calls you in the middle of the night, you pick up. Not because you had to, because you want to. You want to be the one that she comes to, the one to comfort her, you want that because you want her.

You know she’s the one when she sends you letters and an apology. Because that is the most sincere way to show that little things do matter. These sentimental objects we share mean everything, and anything. Just reading her handwriting, and noticing the cute ways she dots her “i’s” or write her letters, mean everything in the world to you. It shows how much care was put into it and you admire her for that.

You know she’s the one when you send her a song lyric and she replies with the next lyric in that song. Because music is what brings us together. Her love for music, my love for her.

You know she’s the one when you’ve fallen for her, and you can’t stop falling. You’re in free fall, and she’s falling with you. Let’s keep falling and never land.

At the end of it all, maybe this is all good to be true. Maybe you’ll never have her. You may never find this person, and once you have, you have to fight for everything to never lose her. Cherish her for every being she is, and will be. Never take her for granted. TC Mark

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