Dear Douchebag, I Want To Thank You For Making Me Suffer While I Was With You

Dear Douchebag,

I could sit here and make a list of every single reason I hate you and why you should be unable to reproduce…but being bitter is no fun. Instead, I will say thank you for all you made me suffer through because I am so much better for it.

First of all, thank you for making me feel worthless. Without your hurtful comments or all the times you ignored me, I may have never seen the value in compliments or appreciate someone taking the time to pay close attention to me. I may have never felt the compassion of someone who tries to understand me and all the crazy things that I do.

Thank you for cheating on me. Without you choosing someone else over me, I would never have felt the pain of dishonesty in its purest form. I may never have honored loyalty the way I do now. I might have even continued to live in my naive bubble of romance thinking that no one could ever be unfaithful and that all love lasts forever, instead of enjoying whatever amount of time I am given with someone.

Thank you for making me cry. Without that pain, I may not have known the comfort that best friends can bring in times of heartbreak. I may have never learned how valuable these friendships were and possibly taken their constant love and support for granted.

Thank you for playing games with my heart. Without your wishy-washy, fickle attitude regarding our relationship, I may not have recognized genuine love when it presented self in my life. I may have set aside those who really cared and instead settled for someone who just considered me another level of some game.

Thank you for disrespecting my body. Without your objectification and infatuation with “going as far as you could” with me, I may not have ever felt the respect of someone who understood my beliefs on waiting until I was ready. I may not have seen myself as the beautiful person that I am, and instead felt hollow and empty.

And finally, thank you, thank you , thank you for walking out my door and never coming back. Without your abandonment, I may have never found the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. I may have never felt the love and happiness that comes with a relationship that can withstand anything.

I wish you all the sweet nothings of the world.


A valuable, strong, happy, beautiful girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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