Don’t Worry Darling Because It Is Going To Be Okay Soon

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On some days, I sit and watch the people around me trying so hard to fit in, trying so hard to please everyone around them, but the truth is darling, stop trying. Be who you are. Don’t worry about being yourself. Worrying is human nature but we are the prisons of our own demons. Worry is like our shadow, it can never leave us. But be brave darling.

Don’t worry darling, you are beautiful the way you are. Never let the world define you. Never bother about the rumors you hear about yourself. You know deep within yourself those rumors will not matter in years.

Continue to stay true to yourself. People who truly understand and love you will not believe those rumors and will trust you. Let those haters gossip behind you. They try all they can in every way, hoping one day you will break down and feel at a loss in this world. Don’t. Continue to stay strong darling. You can and you will.

Don’t worry darling, if you feel like the world is speeding ahead of you. You have time. Time to decide what you will do with your years ahead and what you will achieve. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will?

Don’t ever give up on yourself. Your most amazing life is ahead of you. Your very best projects, experiences, and work are in front, not behind you.

Try things differently, not harder. Keep trying, take a step back if you need to, and figure out where you went wrong and try a different method if you need to.

You will eventually reach your ideal destination. Believe.

Don’t worry darling if you are taking the less traveled path. The more you explore, the more you learn, and the greater you become.

Take your time. Get out from your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate. Go and venture down the path you want to take.

There will be days when you feel insecure. Days when you feel you may not yet be where you want to be. Days when you question yourself again and again about whether the less traveled path was right for you.

Somewhere inside you there is definitely something special, so trust yourself and know you are at least trying and that is better than anyone else who is not trying. Keep going until you unleash your potential and do much better than expected.

Don’t worry darling on days when you feel alone. One day, you will find a friend, a better half to spend your precious time with. People who will appreciate you for who you are and not take you for granted. People who are completely honest with you, telling you the flaws and strengths they see in you.

Don’t worry darling. One day, months and years down the road, the worries you have in your mind right now will have disappeared. You will have achieved your goals. You will be surrounded by the right people. You will receive genuine care and concern.

Trust yourself child. You are doing great and will do even better in the future. Never worry about people who bring your esteem down. Never worry about the obstacles ahead of you.

Keep going child. You will reach your final destination. The one meant for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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