This Is Why You Should Hate The Boy Who Cheated And Not The Other Woman

Your boyfriend of blank months cheated on you. The boy who you thought really liked you went out and was talking to another girl and now you got bumped off his snap chat best friends. That boy you dated for an X amount of time and who is now your ex-boyfriend is trying to move on. Your boyfriend just started dating you… he’s got a friend who is strictly just a friend, he’s known her for years and you for not even a half a year, but she has boobs and an ass.

You hate her. “Who the hell does he think he is?” The even more important question is, “who the f is the girl?” Ladies, I know I am not alone on this one. We’ve all been there, and if you can truthfully say you haven’t then in this case you are the weird one…

One thing I like to think most girls might need tattooed on their body instead of a dream catcher or some pinterest quote, is that ‘if a boy cheats on you, hate the boy, NOT the girl.’ The boy was to remain faithful to you. That girl you are out to destroy, owes you nothing. Yes, I sound like a huge hypocrite right now, because I have been that girl that hates the girl, but would of have gotten back with the boy in a heart beat if I had the chance.

Although that was high school and everything is 20 times more dramatic then, girls to this day are still out for blood if the boy they once were with moves on. Minus being painted out to be a psycho-beotch I did realize how dumb I looked and how it really isn’t fun being that other girl either.

I have perspective on both sides. I’ve been the upset girl who thinks her ex boyfriend won’t move on because I thought I was pretty damn great and I’ve also been the girl to get tormented when she’s been out at a bar, because I just so happen to be talking to the boy who just got done talking to his ex-girlfriend. Lets face it- the girl that is talking to your ex-beau could be some re-bound tramp or she very well likely could be Mother Theresa.

Either way, you probably don’t know too much about her, but you already painted her out to be some terrible home wrecking person. Whether she actually is or not- you shouldn’t be the one to give her that label… because to be completely honest, you’re going to go pretty nuts when you find out you’ve been called a “psycho ex-girlfriend who can’t move on.”

Not getting jealous or upset when that boy who once would be the one taking you home has moved on seems pretty impossible. It’s ok to be upset and it’s ok to get jealous, but home-girl, don’t let that jealousy or the tears show. You are too good for that. Accepting that things weren’t meant to be and focusing on yourself is truly the way to go. It’s hard enough being a girl and our own damn breed makes it even harder for us… pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

If the boy was really quit the catch then you wouldn’t have to hate this other girl, and if this boy was meant to be your prince charming he also wouldn’t of dumped your ass and instead of giving you the glass slipper, he shoved glass in your heart. As hard as it may be I think we all may need to realize how ridiculous it all is at the end of the day.

If you look back on a period of time and you’re able to recall hating someone with your jealous heart or being afraid to go out or talk to someone because of an ex, take it from me and know it’s not a good memory. Despite the fact i’ve learned a lot from both times, it becomes embarrassing when you have to talk or explain the situation to out siders. Mainly because being the crazy ex isn’t a good way to present yourself. I think girls today are too into being that ‘crazy girl friend who has their boyfriend wrapped around their finger’ or trying to make it known they don’t take any BS.

Although it is good to not take any BS and get walked on, acting like a crazy person to get that point across isn’t attractive whats so ever… Saying you’ll beat someones ass over a boy… please. You’re going to make yourself look like white trash Tammy over a boy? No. Enough. Stop. Carry yourself like the lady that you are. You are a woman. You are strong. You don’t start fights, you finish them. Finish a fight by turning the other cheek, swallowing your pride, and showing that this doesn’t affect you, because guess what…it’s just a boy! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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