This Is The Mystery My Roommates And I Still Haven’t Solved In The Old Creepy Basement Of Our College House

Flickr / Etienne François
Flickr / Etienne François

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: Scary Situations: What is the creepiest thing that has ever actually happened to you?
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Last year during my senior year of college I lived with a couple of roommates in a house in the oldest section of the town. Our land lord told us that the house had always been in the family since it was built in the 1860s. Aside from that, we didn’t really know much about the history of it.

It was a creaky and rickety old house, with an especially creepy basement, that featured the laundry machines and an unused coal room.

Some strange things happened in that house in the fall. We began to have a lot of electrical issues, the power would randomly go out for a few minutes before switching back on by itself. The oddest thing about these power outages was that they only seemed to happen at night, I cant recall a single time the power shut off during the day.

My roommates and I simply associated the issues with the age of the house.

One evening while I was doing my laundry I noticed something odd, the door to the coal room was shut. We normally had it propped open, so I went to inspect it and found that it was locked. I called my roommates down and we determined it was locked from the inside. They all laughed it off, but I felt rather unsettled.

About a week later, I was home alone watching House of Cards in my room. My roommates were all at the library together, I declined to join since I didn’t have much work to do. Suddenly, the TV flickered and the power went out. The house went silent. I turned my phone’s flashlight on and prepared to go into the basement in order to flip the breakers. As I closed near the basement door, I distinctly heard the sound of footsteps coming up creaky stairs. Ill never forget the sound, menacing and methodical.

CLUNkkk… CLUNkkk… CLUNkkk…

I got the HELL out of there. I ran to my car and raced out of there to my girlfriend’s house for the night.

The next day I told my roommates about what had happened. They didn’t seem to believe me, but agreed to come check out the basement with me. When we made it down the stairs, we made an extremely unsettling discovery…

The coal room door was wide open with the lock broken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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