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5 Telling Signs You’re Addicted To Change

Change isn’t just something you’re comfortable with, it’s something you crave. You’re always on the prowl for opportunities to shake things up. It could be a new job, new city, or new friends, as long as it’s something different, you’re all in.

How To Get Over Someone Without Deleting Them From Your Life

Suddenly, the little red heart on Instagram, the one you actually look forward to seeing, is now filling you with confusion and frustration. Are they trying to subtly re-insert themselves into your life, or are they harmlessly and genuinely liking something? You’ll never know and that’s what kills you.

What It’s Like To Be Gay And Comfortable

Fond memories of being poked and prodded with questions about my sexuality encompassed much of my adolescence. While not everyone was so quick to question me, I knew most were wondering. You see, growing up in the uber conservative south, most people are hesitant to out themselves.