All The Little Reasons Why I Love You

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If I could describe all the reasons why I love you, I would be sad.

I would be sad because I don’t want to know them all.

There are reasons that are fine and can only be understood by those observing our love.

There are reasons that come up in my dreams.

There are reasons when I wake up and I wish you were beside me.

But those reasons fade. They come and go and that’s okay. Perfect things are not meant to last forever.

I love you because you have taught me how to love.

I love you because of the way you fixed your hair and looked at your reflection in the restaurant window, when you thought I was still in the bathroom.

I love the way you take care of your family and never utter a bad word about them.

I love that you had the strength to love me. You showed me that I was worth loving and that it’s okay to say you’re not okay.

I love the way you recognize when I am being judgemental. Like that one time we sat in a restaurant and you said something completely out of context and I looked at you with a look of confusion and annoyance. You quickly changed the topic and said something funny.

I love that you are capable of reading people and understanding with what they are comfortable with.

I love the way you were so scared to meet my mother “officially.” You bought flowers and chocolates for my Mom and sisters respectively. You had this huge grin on your face and acted the same way as you did on our first date. You didn’t want to stop talking, because silence in unfamiliar company is dreadful. You ended up talking to her about the weather for 10 minutes. I just looked at you and smiled.

I love that you’re loyal to the people that mean something to you.

I could go on. Our love stories seems straight out of the movies.

I’m a girl that loves books and loves diving into the world with all that I can. You were boy that loved being present and diving into the unknown. You always tell me how you only caught the bus in the morning to see if I was there. Just so you could get a glimpse of me for a 15-minute bus ride before I stepped out. You said that if I wasn’t there, it wasn’t worth going to school that day. I always chuckle when you say that.

I love you because right now we are thousand of miles away from each other and somehow the only person that would understand what I am feeling right now is you.

I love you because you are you and you have made me believe in love.

And if we don’t last forever, you won’t only be my first love but someone who came into my life and completely changed it.

I love you.

For all the reasons I can’t explain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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