Watch This Video Of Me Talking To Lindsay Lohan


Okay, so remember when I wrote a post about that new webseries, created by Alex Mann, called Conversations With A Twitter Feed? Well, I forgot to mention that I, along with fellow Thought Catalog writers Josh Gondelman and Gaby Dunn, had been asked to participate in an episode. When Mann also told me that I could choose a celebrity to “talk” to rather than be assigned to one, I knew immediately who I had to pick: Lindsay Lohan.

Since Amanda Bynes has been too busy taking bong rips in front of a Baja Fresh in the San Fernando Valley to actually go on Twitter, Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter feed has replaced hers as my favorite delusional D-list celeb Twitter account. Whether she’s comparing Jen Garner and Ben Affleck’s relationship to her brother and his girlfriend, #NinaGinsberg’s, or throwing thinly-veiled shade at Jennifer Lawrence, Lohan’s Twitter account manages to never not be unintentionally hilarious and #dark. Before I even signed up for Twitter, I’d go on the site just to see what bizarre and nonsensical thoughts were coming out of Lindsay’s perplexing mind. Now nary a day goes by that I don’t tweet LiLo, asking her how she’s feeling, what she’s thinking, what drugs she’s currently on. Even though she has yet to respond to any of my tweets, I know that she sees me….seeing her….seeing me. And now with my episode of Conversations With A Twitter Feed having aired, I know I’m that much closer to being acknowledged by the self-declared Artist Of Many Things….TC Mark

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