11 Signs You Need To Go On Vacation ASAP

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1. You can’t remember the last time you traveled for pleasure and not for business/to go home for the holidays to see your family. Yes, trips home are essential and great, but they’re not exactly relaxing. You’re paying a bunch of money to go someplace you’ve been a thousand times before and to be stressed out.

2. You work so hard and for what? So you can barely survive and be miserable? So you can experience the same thing day in and day out? No. You deserve to have new experiences. You deserve a goddamn vacation.

3. It’s winter and will be winter for two more months. You need something to look forward to something in order to make it through, don’t you?

4. You can’t think of a time when you weren’t tethered to your phone and obligations. Could your brain even process the concept of vacation? There’s only one way to find out.

5. You’ve played by the rules for far too long now. Where has it gotten you, besides being bored and resentful? As corny as it is, a little #YOLO can go a long way.

6. You’ve never been on, like, a proper adult vacation. The only ones you’ve been on have been with your family and those usually ended in tears and food poisoning from the buffet. In a way, I guess they were fun but you were a slave to your parents’ schedule. Since they were footing the bill, they were making the itinerary. Plus, you were too young to drink! Growing up, my family vacations were cool but I also had to get up at the asscrack of dawn and look at a bunch of monuments that just looked like slabs of cement to me. When I went on my first vacation as a 20-something, my schedule was still jam-packed but it was with things I loved to do, like eating, drinking, and petting alligators.

7. You need a vacation fuck. Nothing says, “I DON’T DISCRIMINATE HAYYYY” like hooking up with a stranger you know you’ll never see again. Don’t be shy. Vacations are expensive as hell. You might as well get all the bang for your buck.

8. You’re about to move and you want to have one final goodbye with you and your friends. I’m leaving New York at the end of the summer and I’m already planning a million weekend getaways for me and my friends. Gotta get all of the memories in before the door closes!

9. You realize you’ve never been anywhere really. You guys, there are people with the financial resources who have still never seen much of America. I DON’T GET IT.

10. Your idea of a vacation is looking at Google street view. So exotic!

11. You are on the verge of having an actual nervous breakdown. TC Mark,

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