A Complete Guide To Doing Whatever The Hell You Want

Just put it in your mouth, honey.

American culture gets off on guilt and shame, and we LOVE to deprive ourselves from anything that’s considered amazing. The line between good and evil needs to be clearly defined so we can know when we’re being a lil’ devil versus when we’re in “a really good place.” How else are we able to understand things?!


Do you know how exhausting all of that is? Do you know how tired you’ll make yourself if you only see things in black and white? The world isn’t that way! It’s more of a “chocolate dipped” meets “rainbow sno cone” kind of color. What I’m really saying is… just eat that donut. Seriously. Just eat it. Because if you don’t, all you’ll be thinking about at work is that donut and then you’ll be distracted and do a bad job. At 6:30, you’ll go out for drinks and consume 4,000 calories in margaritas. Then, you’ll stumble home drunk and order a burrito with the rationale of, “I was good today! I abstained from eating that donut so I DESERVE a giant burrito.” See what happens when you don’t indulge? You just end up going apeshit and eating everything at 3 a.m. THE FORMULA CLEARLY ISN’T WORKING, OKAY?

Double the #YOLO: Be on a first-name basis with the people who work at the Thai restaurant near your house. They have your credit card info saved. Just dial!

Tell the person you want to have sex with that you would like to have sex with them.

Say it with me now: “I WANT YOUR DICK IN MY MOUTH.” See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? People need to start being more honest with themselves about the things/people that they want. Babies don’t get made while waiting for a text message. This world has survived because of the people who were ballsy enough to be like, “Yo, let’s have sex.” If it weren’t for them, our population would crumble and WE WOULD ALL DIE. We’d all be skeletons just waiting by our phones.

Double the #YOLO: See your crush kissing someone else at a party and stomp up to them saying, “No, sorry, this [pointing at the two of them] isn’t going to work for me so I’m going to take over now.”

Feel no obligation to be social.

Whenever I flaked on my friends, I would feel terribly guilt-ridden and have to come up with some extravagant lie to cover my ass. It was exhausting and, most importantly, pointless. Instead of telling an elaborate lie, why didn’t I just tell them the truth? Eight times out of 10, the reason why I flake on someone is not because I hate them but because I’m just not in the mood to hang out. Maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just in a rotten mood. It’s usually not personal! So now I just will tell someone “Yo, I am in a crappy mood and want to be by myself tonight!” and that’s that. You can’t argue with being in a bad mood. It feels liberating to be honest and now I have no guilt whenever I bail on plans. (Perhaps my heart has just turned cold and black though?)

Double the #YOLO: Tell someone that you didn’t text them back last night because you just didn’t want to. (LOL, I dare you. You have to be a brave lil’ toaster to commit this sin.)

Have a night out that will delete five years off of your life span.

I know drugs and drinking are POSITIVELY SINFUL and generally frowned upon in this new millennium (God, I wish we still lived in the ’60s and ’70s — a time when you were presumed to be high unless proven otherwise) but sometimes you gotta let your hair down and unleash your inner PARTY GIRL PSYCHO. I want you to be sobbing in some dirty alleyway in your party dress at 5 a.m.! I want you be to going to the bathroom with strange new men and coming out SO HAPPY AND FREE WITH A NEW STD! I want you to be making out with your cab driver at the end of the night and being like, “That’s your tip. Bye…”

Double the #YOLO: Just watch this video of Vanity Fair editor George Wayne and act accordingly.

Leave the house looking psychotic

The other day, I walked to work looking positively insane. In my fantasies, I looked like Mary-Kate Olsen after a bender but in reality I probably resembled Louis CK. To make matters more embarrassing, I was walking in boots that had holes in the sole so I was basically stumbling down the street barefoot. The whole time I was thinking, “God, if I ran into someone I know right now, I would be so mortified!” But then I had another thought. “Is a walk of shame really something to be ashamed of?” I actually think it’s the opposite. By looking disheveled and crazy, you’re basically telling the world, “I AM PERSON WHO DOES FUN, NUTTY THINGS. I AM A PERSON WHO STICKS THEIR TONGUE DOWN THE THROAT OF LIFE.” If people look at me and judge, I bet a small percentage of them is just pissed because they fell asleep to Netflix at 9:30 p.m. and wish they had a night as fun as mine!

Double the #YOLO: Have the guy at the deli ask if you’re okay. If your bodega guy is concerned, you know you’re looking rough.

Unfollow people on Twitter and write them each an email explaining why.

I’m unfollowing you because I don’t care about the places you’re DJing tonight. I’m unfollowing you because we went on a date once and you never texted me back so why should I be subjected to your daily thoughts? I’m unfollowing you because you say something dumb, by my estimate, once an hour. I’m unfollowing you because I can and it makes me feel powerful!

Double the #YOLO: If you actually did this, you wouldn’t have to do anything else. Truly. You’re done. You win the “Doing whatever the hell you want” game. Please collect your grand prize of complete and utter social alienation at the door. TC Mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • http://twitter.com/AllanStruthers Allan.S (@AllanStruthers)

    You sound like a terrible person to be friends with.

    • anon

      no you do

  • http://menarcheintheuk.tumblr.com Liz (@cheezliz)

    I want to print this out and put it up on my wall or something.

    • http://twitter.com/KenaiMcFadden Kenai Iman McFadden (@KenaiMcFadden)

      yo, read the title of the post. i AM printing this out and putting it on my wall

  • http://krymeariver.com krymeariver

    ryan. Your articles 8 times out of time are full of yes. This was definitely a YES article lol

    • John

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  • http://krymeariver.com krymeariver

    we need to party sometime. It really NEEDS to happen lol

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  • S

    he is right! we are always fighting with our ourselves about doing the ‘right’ thing! just do it, whatever it is!

  • http://www.insteadofanelephant.blogspot.com kaitlinsoconnor

    i really need to start telling people that i’m in a shitty mood. i’m running out of lame excuses and that one will work every time! doubling my YOLO begins now. my next walk of shame is going to be extraordinary.

  • http://gravatar.com/400ormore Arielle

    I think this is a sign that my pet project (borne out of boredom) is exactly what I should be doing! Follow @PetiteTips everyone, I’m so excited about it! (No I’m not a bot -,-) It follows #1 on this TCL at least.

  • Nick

    “There’s never a time not to be honest.” Just search for Patrice O’Neal’s “just be honest” video.

  • Arwen

    Complete and utter social alienation achieved!

  • http://chopsticklady.wordpress.com fringster

    This is downright hilarious. Can’t stop laughing! Nice entry!

  • Hry

    Keep on aiming for that comfortable, easily-achieved article mediocrity….. #YOLO

  • Marissa

    ryan, can you just please collect all of your essays and put them in a book and publish yourself because you are the funniest writer i’ve EVER read… love you!

    • http://lawrenceamack.wordpress.com lawrenceamack

      Double the YOLO: go to 7-Eleven and ask the cashier for a Big Gulp while wearing socks and only socks.

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  • Briyanny

    Hahaha,my gift is complete n utter social alienation….lmao!!jst shows pple cant handle the truth.

  • Briyanny

    Hahaha,my gift card is complete n utter social alienation….lmao!!jst shows pple cant handle the truth.

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  • alicia

    Ryan! Love you boo!

  • Kristy

    I loved alot of this. But COMPLETELY DISAGREE with a large portion. You’re basically encouraging women to acts like whores? “I want your cock in my mouth”? It’s that easy? Are we in a world where sex is no longer sacred or special?

    Let’s encourage young women to have more out of wedlock babies.. Yeah great idea. That’s just what we need.. More single parent raised children struggling to grow up bc their mom is double yoloing on 6 kind of drugs. Oh not to mention the new little one was born with the venereal disease she contracted with the strange new men in the bathroom. Come on.. Ryan

    What happened to self respect? What happened finding a connection and realness before we have sex? This sounds more like a sure way to unhappiness.

  • spliff queen

    this shall be printed and posted on my fridge tonight. i really appreciate the “double the #YOLO.”

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  • http://lifeatttwentyfive.tumblr.com lifeattwentyfive

    The minute you stop sweating the small stuff is the minute things start going right…#doubletheyolo!

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