Moments Everyone Needs More Of In Their Lives

You need to be genuinely surprised by someone’s kindness. It could be anyone — your mother, your friend, a stranger. Just someone who comes around and restores your faith in mankind. The gesture can be small (someone picks up a $20 bill that accidentally fell out of your pocket and gives it to you) or it can be much larger (a care package, a surprise birthday party). It can be anything that makes you feel acknowledged and protected. You are on this planet with billions of people and a handful of them are actually looking out for you. Sleep easy tonight.

You need to eat a damn popsicle and put your feet out the damn window. The weather will be warm and tickle your toes; your limbs will feel like a plate of spaghetti. Maybe someone from the street will yell something at you and you’ll respond. Then it’ll be completely silent except for the sound of your mouth munching on the popsicle. The juice will start to drip and create a mess but you must promise me that you won’t care. Let your bedspread get stained and finish the popsicle. Don’t worry about things getting dirty and just enjoy it till it’s gone. We worry too much about everything. Let things get stained. It’s not going to rise up and murder you in the middle of the night. Just enjoy the silence, the sugar, and the noises of the street.

You need to drive a convertible with the top down. Call up your friend on a summer day and be like, “Yo, I rented a convertible so we could drive it around and feel like we’re in a movie montage. Come outside!” Play some songs that make your heart go pitter pat and don’t even speak to each other. Just drive.

You need to kiss the damn person you want to kiss and just be done with it. It’s important to feel like you can still surprise yourself. We put up these walls now just so we can break them down later and feel like we’ve grown. It’s not so much about the kiss itself. It’s more about proving to yourself that you can get what you want. You’re one ballsy move away from sublime happiness.

You need to feel sexy. If this involves sleeping with a random who will worship your body for one night, so be it. It’ll be worth whatever shame you’ll feel the morning after. “Oh, what’d you say, self-worth? I can’t hear you over all of these loud orgasms I’m having…” Having someone validate you as a sexual being is some of the best validation you could ever get.

You need to treat yourself to some superfluous purchases. I don’t care if it’s ultimately bad for you, consumerism feels damn good in the moment. Sometimes it feels like we deny ourselves the things we want just so one day we can “screw it!” and buy the damn thing. File it under “Lies We Tell Ourselves While Getting A $30 Pedicure.”

You need a “Sunday Sex Spooning” moment ASAP. Actually, can they just bottle that and sell it at Crate & Barrel? I’ll buy ten of them.

What all of these things have in common is that they effectively take you out of the daily BS we surround ourselves with. You’re taking care of yourself and tuning into another frequency. The best moments are usually the underrated ones, the ones that are cloaked in the quiet. In the end, these are the kind of things that you’ll remember — the things that made you feel human and plugged into someone else. Everything else is just dressing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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