Hot Or Not Episode 4: Naked Zac Efron, One Direction, And Meth

Hey guys! I’m writing to you from the frontlines of pop culture! (Which, incidentally, is a donut shop in Fresno, California.) This week really proved to be the gift that kept on giving with Ashley Judd’s kick ass “I went to Sarah Lawrence and majored in Having Opinions” feminist essay, the leaked naked Zac Efron pics, and the SNL performance from the gay dancing troupe One Direction! Would you look at all that juiciness? Celebrities are smart! Singers are underage gay porn stars! Zac Efron has an ass that will be never used the way God intended it to! Ugh, I am so blessed. Special shoutout to my very own “Heart Of The Ocean” Gaby Dunn for putting this together and to Widowspeak for providing the hazy music. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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