Hot Or Not Episode 3: Adult Acne, House Parties, And Benadryl

I’m back y’all, reporting from pop culture’s garbage to give you the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not. This week I’ve decided that gay priests (the ones who don’t touch ten year old boys) are totally hot along with the miracle sleeping drug Benadryl, and house parties! So go watch the video and make your Friday a little freakier. Shoutout to my magic castle Gaby Dunn for editing this into something coherent and my Brooklyn baby babes Widowspeak for providing the tunes. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Guest

    hahahah that was great.

  • Anonymous

    “That story had an ending and it was fucked up.” – the best thing I have ever heard in person, still dying, can’t handle it.

  • joyce nancy

    These vidz are the best thing ever. Hilarious, informative, and you get to watch super trippy magnified versions of Ryan O’ Connell’s eyes the whole time!

  • Danaynay

    LOLOLOL I think this was the best yet. <3

  • rion harmon

    please start doing these while ryan is drunk

  • Anniegirl


  • Anna

    please never ever stop this series. i’ve literally only had three good days in the past 6 months, and they’ve all been the days that these episodes premiered. is ryan available for events? i’d like to rent him to be my friend for a few days. 

    • Not Quincy

      that’s bleak.

  • Anonymous

    Did you write this stuff down and then read them to a webcam?

    • Anonymous

      He writes out topics and then adlibs stuff/takes direction from me into an HD webcam. His improvisations are usually what I keep in.

  • rgar

    This is my first time watching any video on this site. Part of the allure of Ryan O’ Connell’s appeal as a writer was that I didn’t need to hear this voice to hear his voice . . . if you know what I mean? And now that I have . . . I feel like the magic is ruined.

    • a.

      Really? Because I fell in love even more.

    • TRES

      So why did you watch the video?

    • Ryan O'Connell


  • Katie Thompson

    This is dope, and Ryan is great, and I love Hot or Not (and Widowspeak, I’m friends with the band LEMME HOOK YOU UP!) but uh, let’s not continue to confuse people and suggest in any way the homosexuality and pedophilia are the same thing.

    PS I get that this is all supposed to be funny and lighthearted, just saying….

    • Guestropod


  • chlo

    ryan, you’re gonna be VERY VERY FAMOUS.

  • meganerm

    you’re incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love

  • Julia

    Seriously, I love Ryan. Be my best friend?

  • Bealtaine

    Best one yet!:{D

  • Bonnie Hefferman

    omfg. i love you so much.

  • Bojangles

    RO’C is pretty good in front of the camera, prob better than in writing I’d say

  • noodles

    please tell me your shirt says we don’t need no education a la pink floyd

  • dylan

    “That story had an ending”
    I cannot stop laughing. Goddamn. Thanks for this, man.

  • beatrice

    Ryan, you should seriously consider into going into stand up comedy as well

  • peachy

    adult acne? what are you saying? I thought this would end when I hit twenty! Do you know how expensive acne products are? I can’t afford to be paying for burt’s bees blemish sticks for the rest of my life!
    I think I’m going to go drown myself in a tub of facewash now. 

  • Guest

    What’s the name of the song ?? 

    • Addison Vawters


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  • CarolynHerr

    Hahahaha, Glass blowing major from Bard? Bard College? Oh dear god.

  • Anonymous

    “that story had an ending….and it was fucked up” 

  • Jdropkick

    Love this! Adult acne can fucking DIE! I’m 24, this shit should be over by now… instead I perpetually look like I’m 17. Ryan all of your articles are fantastic, I swear you are in my brain you just know how to get what I’m thinking written down in a funny and poignant way! 

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