Welcome To Thought Catalog’s First Ever Webseries: Hot Or Not!

“One day you’re in and zee next… you’re out” -Seal’s Ex-Wife

In today’s ADD culture, things go in and out of fashion before you even have a chance to form an opinion on it. Viral videos and trends move so fast that people don’t know what’s in and what’s out anymore! God forbid you go up to someone and be like “Have you seen the “S**t Girls Say” videos? So funny!” You’ll be outcasted! A social pariah! That stuff was ten memes ago, hello!

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Because I’m such a giver and just want to help people, I’ve decided to compile my weekly picks for what’s hot and what’s not, so you can successfully navigate the internet’s ever-changing tastes. By watching my video every week, you’ll know what topics to discuss at the weird house party you’re going to on Friday night and which subjects to avoid. Basically watching Hot Or Not will make you 31% cooler. Enjoy! (Major shoutout to my lifeline Gaby Dunn for editing these thoughts into something bEaUtIFul and John Schwarz for providing the music.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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