Things To Think About Before You Start Hating Someone

Everyone has an Achilles heel. Everyone has that one thing that can cut them off at the knees, that wipes away the smug tweets and the happy Facebook photos that they’ve so carefully cultivated throughout the years. It reduces you to a puddle of vulnerability, a feeling of being completely exposed. The rug is out from under you and you’ve landed on your face. No matter how far you’ve come or how much has changed, this is the one thing that can bring you right back. For most people, they usually come in the form of ex-lovers or family. You can move away from your crappy hometown and make a successful life for yourself somewhere else but the second you run into that one ex or go home for the holidays, you’re back to being the person you’ve tried so hard to wash away.

Everyone has been rejected. Whether it was from a crush, a job, a school, or a friend, everyone has been denied something that they wanted at some point. It’s easy to believe that there are people who live a charmed life. Especially now with the Internet, you have the power to tell your own story, which conveniently can leave out the downer parts. Things are not what they always seem to be. This is something you’ve known for a long time but apparently keep on forgetting. Whenever you start to hate someone because you’re envious, imagine them getting rejected by their crush over and over again. Seriously, have it play on an endless loop until the hate finally washes out of your system, and you’re like “Okay, this person has gone through some stuff too. I should slow my hate roll.”

Everyone poops. How could I ever feel inferior to anyone knowing that someone like Beyonce poops. How humanizing! What a nice little add-on to our species! “Oh, BTW, you guys. Don’t get too ahead of yourselves because I made it so brown stuff has to come out of your butt like every day. LOL!” YES. THANK YOU! It’s seriously what we needed. Everyone becomes less full of poop when you realize that they…poop.

Everyone needs to be held and have their lips kissed and privates rubbed and someone to tell them that everything’s going to be okay. That jerk who says mean things to you on the Internet probably feels lonely and sad and is eating ramen right now in his studio apartment. Sad for him! So sad! I wonder if people realize that when they treat people badly, it makes THEM look psycho and miserable. An X-ray is up of their brain and it just has “WHY WON’T SOMEONE HOLD ME?” scribbled all over it.

People go through the same stuff. Again, this is not a revolutionary concept but it’s something that people often toss aside when experiencing jealousy and insecurity. When you see the feelings taking a hold of you, you must remember these important things: people poop and are lonely and need a big hug.

(Of course, in some cases, a person deserves your hatred. I’m not 100% anti-hate, okay?) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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