Stuff White Girls Say… To Black Girls

Continuing with the trend of documenting things white girls say, comedian Chesca Leigh cooks up some racism and serves it up in the form of this hilarious video called, “Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls.” Its humor resonates so deeply because it’s uncomfortably true. In your lifetime, how many times have you endured a racist remark from someone who claims to be liberal and progressive? I actually posted this on my Facebook this morning and was mildly disturbed when someone I didn’t know commented, “OMG, this is so me. The other day I asked my black friend if her hair was made of horse or human tresses. LOL. I think she was offended…” Um, this is the one video you don’t want to see yourself in. If you find yourself relating to it, you should just move to an isolated island somewhere with this chick. (OMG, WHAT HAPPENED TO HER THOUGH?)

To see more of Chesca Leigh’s videos, go here. They’re so good.TC mark

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  • Tanya Barrios

    Posted this on my Facebook earlier too…all I could do was shake my head since I’ve gotten some of these as a Latina 

  • Zenaida

    I had to post this – so true and funny!

  • Rachelle

    this literally is my life. one time I was at a party and a random girl came up to me and yelled “OMG nikki minaj!”. just because I’m black and wearing a pink wig doesn’t mean I look like nikki minaj, thanks.

    • Kobayashi

      Actually it does…. How many black women with pink hair do YOU see everyday? When I was in High School I dyed my short hair pink and everyone said “Wow, you look like Kelly Osbourne” but I’m not going to claim it was racial profiling just because I happen to look like someone with an obvious trait like pink hair. Grow a thicker skin, she meant no offense.

      • Mukaya

        Black people.. always offended and always play the race card. NOT TO BE RACIST LOLOLOLOL

      • Anonymous

        this is exactly the kind of comment our lives are plagued with. i guess until you walk a mile in our shoes you’ll never get it

      • othanatos

        “As a white person, it is my responsibility to dictate what people of color should take offense to.” – KOBAYASHI

      • John Dowland

        Best and most important comment in thread. 

      • Kobayashi

        PART white. Thanks for just assuming there, buddy. It isn’t racist to tell someone they look like a celebrity. You need to calm the FUCK down.

      • othanatos

        Thank you for the massive whitesplain. Everything I said is still relevant and you have further proven my point. 

      • Kobayashi

        Fine believer whatever you want. You’re still a fool. 

      • Kobayashi

        Also, wtf is “whitesplain”? I’ll just assume it’s a jab at my race. Once again, I. Am. Not. White.

      • Kobayashi

        How does your “quote” at all summarize what I said? A) I’m not 100% white (I just happen to be a girl with pink hair that slightly resembles Kelly Osbourne) B) the original poster wasn’t offended by a color, unless it was pink, which I doubt since she was wearing a pink wig C) she took offense to someone connecting her ‘look’ to Nikki Manaj, so therefore she was offended by being compared to a relitively beautiful woman which leads me to believe that the original poster is just looking to bitch about something and claim it’s racist when really that was a damned good compliment IMHO.

    • Jonathon Ferrari

      Either your life is a short film filled with you talking to no one while impersonating white people, or you’re using the word literally incorrectly.

  • Gregory Costa

    I don’t have any black friends.  I did watch A View to a Kill, though. May Day is like…the coolest villain.  So, I guess that means something. 

  • hrfe

    I watched this praying I hadn’t said anything in the video- thank God the closest I’ve gotten is “my best friend is black” which (I hope) isn’t that bad. Also I’ve talked with my best friend about how Jews were also slaves, but more in a “and can you believe some Jewish people had slaves! How hypocritical” way. I feel I’m overly concerned about this.

  • Anonymous

    The last time I said anything like this, I was in 1st grade, and I was just curious about my friends hair. At 6 years old, thats just being curious, and not being an obnoxious white girl. I hope. 

    • hrfe

      To be fair, a lot of obnoxious white girls have the intelligence and tact of a 6 year old.

      • John Wayne Gacy

        To be fair, a lot of obnoxious people have the intelligence and tact of a 6 year old.
        I’m an advocate of equal opportunity condescension.

      • hrfe

        Meh, as an obnoxious white girl I think we take the cake.

  • Tony Williams

    …I’m a 49 yr old black man and I’ve had most of these ( non-gender specific) said to me…hehe. Killer.

  • Sex Mahoney

    There are at least six people I need to sit down and make them watch this. Thank you.

  • DRustagi

    So funny and somewhat rue!! 

  • Hoot Scoot

    Is she making fun of white girls liking Super Bass? I’m white and I love that song. I also say “Holla!” and I also own an afro wig. I hate my straight hair.

    • Autumn


    • L.

      LOLing forever.

  • Guess

    this is funny…. but i’m a white girl and i’m 1000% sure i could never get away with putting on an afro wig and pretending to be black. reverse (albeit lighthearted) racism continues to be ok.

    • aggle

      hah didn’t all the other shit ___ say video actors don wigs?

      pleaseactually saying “reverse racism” should have been in this video

      • Myemail

        It sort of was!  “Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television”? There is, it’s called every other channel.

    • othanatos

      “Reverse racism” is not something that exists (except in the minds of white people who refuse to examine their privilege).  Jfc.

      • Guest

        Actually, racism against white people does exist. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “reverse racism”. It’s just….racism. There are definitely people who look down on others for being white. Living in an area in which white people are minority, I’ve seen loads of people who look at white people as though they’re incompetent, moronic, incapable of doing anything that isn’t a “white person job”, whatever the hell that means. 

        I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of white people who refuse to acknowledge that they have it easy. There are. A lot. But just because, as a general rule, white people seem to be far more racist, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who discriminate against them for their skin tone and heritage.

        I’m just saying.

      • othanatos

        I’m sorry, but that is not true. You are talking about
        prejudice, not racism. The critical difference is the element of power. So
        maybe when white people have endured a long history of systemic and
        institutionalized oppression, you can cry about racism. And besides, it’s not
        like a white person living in an
        area where they are the “minority” is somehow robbed of their privilege. Racism
        runs far deeper than “looking down” on someone or saying a few choice words
        about their job. You are misinformed.


      • L.

        This. How is this not common knowledge? How are people actually this stupid? 

      • Guest

        If you look up the word racism, it says nothing about power. It talks about believing one race is better then another. So in the most literal sense, it is racism. And as far as crying about it…I never did that. Not even for a moment. I understand that I’m a privileged white bitch. Honestly, I don’t fault people for feeling that way, and I don’t fault them for being upset about it. I simply pointed out that there are instances where literal racism does occur against white people.

        Is it the same? No. Not even a little bit. Is there the same power or connotation to it? Nope. But does it happen? Yes.

        My response seems to have been mistaken for a complaint, and I apologize for it coming off that way. I was simply trying to point out a fact.

      • othanatos

        The dictionary is not the final authority on racism. What you have described is not racism in any sense, literal or otherwise. It is prejudice. Acts of prejudice against white people are isolated, i.e. no systemic opression. IT IS CATEGORICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. Drop the mic get outta that bitch. 

      • Kobayashi

        It’s impossible to act racist against white people? You’re fucking delusional!

      • Guest

        White people have white privilege and thus they have power. No matter how prejudiced a person of color may become of white people, white people will still have more power. This isn’t to mention the millions of middle class families of color who are one of very few families of color in their neighborhood. Even cities–look at NYC, where the majority in lower income neighborhoods are people of color. Look at most schools in the US, where the majority of teachers are white and the majority of cafeteria workers and janitors are people of color. I interned at a magazine, and the large majority of people sitting in cubicles were white, the majority of people of color worked in the mail room. Racism is a machine and an institution. No matter how prejudice a person of color may be against a white person, it will not undo this structure.  Addressing persecution of people in Eastern Europe, as someone above did, is only dodging the residue of the US’ racist past, present and future. Furthermore, when white people are prejudiced against people of color it is because they are societally conditioned (meaning it can be subconscious) to believe that they are superior of more entitled that people of color. When people of color are prejudiced against white people, it is because they dislike the oppressor, not because they see themselves as better or worthier–therefore it’s not racist to be prejudiced against white people.

      • Guest

        Thats some serious wisdom. Ive noticed that alot of people who dont understand this stucture exists in the US respond very angrily as if a harsh tone makes for better communication. You are very calm.  The truth spoken ALWAYS maintains peace, in a truthful society. 

      • Guest

        I respect your point and how you communicated it. However, it is not always the case. I live in an area where, due to demographic breakdown, white people do not have any advantage or ability to oppress. People of color are equally as common as, if not more then Caucasians, and often have equal or greater income. White people are not oppressed in this situation. Don’t get me wrong. But they do not have privilege either. And in this situation, there is definitive racisim against white people, simply due to others’ feelings of superiority. White people are also racist here. There is no party that is inherently disadvantaged. And in the few instances where this is true (as it is, admittedly, quite rare), racism runs rampant among members of every race against any race that the individual deems lesser.

        It may not be racist to be prejudiced as long as there is good reason. But there are cases where racism is just racism, no matter who’s doing it.

      • ..well

        …you make about zero sense.  “white” is a race, and “black is a race. how is it impossible to be racist against the white race? fucking moron, stfu.

      • Mia

        very true othanatos, although they may seem the minority in some areas familiar to our personal lives, they do still make up majority of the power, aka influence, on this earth thru cooperations, media, idea of beauty, etc. The colonization continues…

      • Anon

        Pretty sure there’s never been a time when white people *weren’t* the majority, but okay…

      • goldglass

        ‘…incapable of doing anything that isn’t a “white person job”, whatever the hell that means.’
        Probably something that pays well, has benefits, and comes after higher education.

        Racism and any ism necessarily moves in the direction from the institutionally privileged to the institutionally oppressed. Jokes and stereotypes about white people =/= racism because, unlike jokes and stereotypes about people of color, they don’t reinforce a system which keeps the oppressed group down.

      • goldglass

        Classism and jokes about poor white people, different story. Intersectionality plays a role in all of this.

      • ..well

        “reverse racism” is a racist term. I’ll leave it at that.

      • Jalapeno

        Just a few words here about some of your silly

        ‘Reverse racism is not something that exists
        except in the minds of white people who refuse to examine their privilege’?
        Darling I’m amazed you have the ability to write considering your level of
        stupidity and ignorance of history. Racism is not a one way street. Just like
        any of the other ‘isms’ out there, it does not move in one direction. Just because
        sexism generally involves the discrimination against women, does not mean it
        never happens the other way around (such as is the case for many men working
        both as nurses or primary school teachers). As for it being ‘categorically
        impossible’ to be racist against white people….Try telling that to the millions
        of Russians and Poles who were hunted down during the second world war for
        having soviet blood, not to mention the travellers and Jewish people (oh yes, I
        went there).  

      • Renee Aisha

        you’re an idiot. racism IS  a one way street – racism is the systemic discrimination based on prejudice that inhibits people from achievement. black people can NEVER be racist because we do not have power to exercise racism. we can be prejudiced but not racist, so it s a one way street.

        reverse racism is a white invention.

      • Jalapeno

        a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

        … know…like that stuff you read in history books, about that guy called Hitler believing a certain race (aryan) is better than all others, whatever colour they might be….but fuck it right? He was probably just prejudiced too…

      • Surefire

        Reverse racism-something White people made up so they can dismiss combating a system that oppresses an underprivileged minority of people on a day-to-day basis, all because one asshole in his or her class hurt her feelings happened to be a person of color.
        Get over yourselves people.

      • chloe

        oh my god you are wrong ok. I am white and I get that people cannot be racist to white people because we are white. Ever heard to white privilege? Go google that and get back to me. Also Hitler didn’t hate the jews because of the colour of their skin only, it was a whole lot more that that! Don’t forget that Judaism is a RELIGION also, not just a race. The Russians and the Polish for having soviet blood. You said it yourself!!! That is a freaking area, it was NOT because they were WHITE it was because of the country they came from. Also you will find that it was other white people hunting them down. SUCH IGNORANCE UGH

    • Anonymous

      have you heard of blackface? there was a whole era where that was ok, so simmer down ……

    • you probably could

      have you ever seen “La Sarah” on youtube. 

    • not racist?

      When I was seven, I wore a blond afro wig and danced a snappy jazz (dance class choreographed) number to “These boots are made for walking” in a mixed race class.  Now, today, I still think this was hilarious. 

      Not telling you the color of my skin! 


      SO TRUE i feel like if the black people at my school say things to be funny that are “white and nerdy” just to get some laughs. but if a white person starts tring to act “ghetto” than all the black people are offended….i dont get it

      • Guest

        exactly ! if black people joke around about white people and they just laugh about it then they think its okay . but black people don’t just laug about it like white peeople ..

  • Guest

    I don’t think every comment in this video is meant to show how white people are “racist” any more than the “shit girls say” video is meant to show that women are…well, anything really.  It’s just actual shit white girl’s tend to say to black girls.  Not liking rap music?  That’s not racist.  It’s bad taste.  But it’s not racist.

    And there is a difference between being ignorant and being racist.  Wanting to touch a black person’s hair?  That’s ignorant.  But it’s not exactly racist.  Annoying?  Yes.  But racist.

    So everyone chill out.  It’s just funny shit.  I don’t think this video is supposed to be a deep statement.

    • Guest

      It IS supposed to be a deep statement. Yeah, it’s presented in a comical way, but it’s addressing real issues: ignorance, racism, stereotyping and prejudice. It bothers me that someone would suggest that this video isn’t making a “deep statement.” The fact that someone would say that shows how uncomfortable people are with confronting serious issues on race–issues that the U.S., if not most of the world, is full of.

      • ..well

        it’s just curiosity about cultural differences. it’s not racism. stfu.

      • Guest

        Assuming you’re white, how often do people of color ask to touch your hair? Or begin a conversation with, “Not to be racist…” Or ask you if it’s OK to say cracker? Or tell you they’re not into dating white people?

      • OK OK Lets Clear the Air

        both of you are correct in your own ways

        for one, yes, there is a difference between being a racist (intentionally assuming things are true about a certain group of people) and being ignorant (has no idea what they are saying and how it could offend someone)

        on the other hand, this video is a deep statement. it really has opened the eyes of those who have been doing this. even though it is really funny, it is fairly true. i know that there are white people who do this stuff to my friends ALL the time. its really bad.

        remember though, racism is a two way street. white people say A LOT of things about black people. but then again, sometimes it seems as though black people can say things about white people and it is just brushed away, even though it is still racist.

        okay, NOW you can disagree with me and call me a dumbass if that is what you want

  • Twocents

    Story of my life. Seriously. If anything there are a couple missing: “you’ve never dated a black guy?” umm no, there is not a giant race magnet that pulls us together. And, “How does it stay up like that? You guys don’t even need hairspray!”

  • Guest CD

    You all are idiots, half the conversation above is moronic. Othanatos your the worst, you need to be taken outside and shot for being so dumb.

    • Noybi

      Could not agree more. Othanatos is just spreading ignorance.

    • calm down everyone

      I really think there’s just a big misunderstanding on this comment board.  I recommend taking a sociology class or reading a current textbook on race relations to understand the academic definition of “racism” before saying something so rude.  Othanatos is not spreading ignorance at all.  There is a difference between “racism” and “prejudice” according to this particular definition, and it involves the idea of groups having/lacking power on the institutional level.

      I personally think this definition (while interesting and important to understand) is not that useful since so few people have been exposed to it, and it only leads to easily misconstrued statements (e.g. “only white people can be racist”) and subsequent arguments/more misunderstandings (e.g. this board).  To those who understand the sociology – maybe try to explain it a little better?

      Forget the words racism, reverse racism, race (a social construction anyway).
      I think we can all agree:
      In generalizing terms, groups of people are prejudiced against those who are different.  Period.  All these “Shit _ Say” videos are just illustrating that.

  • Guest

    “Where’s White History Month?!?” If I had a nickel…..

  • Guest

    I like how no one thinks it is “racist” that this black chick is acting white by wearing a blonde wig. by the way some people in the comments are defining racism, that would actually be considered racist. lol. 

    • Anonymous


  • Bettinalinda

    People, please calm down! I’m Lilly white aned I thought the video was hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    I have no desire to get into some bullshit “debate” about “reverse racism.”

    All I have to say is that this video is 100% rill rill. My best friend was white.

    No, but actually almost all of these things have been said to me and other black female friends. Multiple times. By our many white friends. Some of it is offensive, some of it is annoying, some of it is just stupid (though not ill-willed). Some of it comes from culturally-ingrained racism, some of it comes from general ignorance, and some of it just comes from the type of white girls that say this.

  • cn

    I think this video brings about a deeper statement and NOT only for white people saying those things to black girls…. it’s in GENERAL. It doesn’t matter what race you are – because I’ve heard black girls say “oh so cute for a white guy” or like a jewish comment on being cheap or whatever the case. I think Chesca brings about a good point (hilarious though) sometimes we all say things that are racist/ignorant/rude and make our friends uncomfortable cause I have said some things in the video and at the same time have actually had them said to me. Its a great video that we could all learn from because I am now more conscious about some comments I say. I am spanish btw- look black/white and have been told “you’re like not like a stereotypical spanish girl, you’re just basically white”. I don’t make a big deal out of it, but I’m usually thinking to myself – wait what does she mean by that?


    This video was SOOOO funny. and this is all true. i feel like there are people who are so stupid that they dont realize that they are offending someone like that.

    However, racism does go both ways. sometimes i do feel like if a white person insults a black person, it is automatically a racist comment (where im from, im just speaking from what ive seen) and it is as if white people are not alowed to listen to rap music without this group of black people i know saying “oh well he is just trying to look cool by acting black”. THAT is what bugs me, that there is even such a thing of acting “black” and then when a white person says someone is acting “black” it is automatically racist.

    the one thing that i hate the most is about dancing. if white people just dance like they know, than the black people will all go “you are sooo white and nerdy stop dancing” but if they try to dance more like the black people do they say “oh now youre just trying to be cool you look so stupid and nerdy trying to dance like that”.


  • Ned

    So now it’s racist for a white person to impersonate a black person or vice versa. Is it sexist for a male to impersonate a female or vice versa? Is it politically incorrect to impersonate an old person or a fat person? SHEEESH what is the world coming to?

  • Giselle

    You don’t have to worry about Racism, is you are just being yourself and don’t have any cruel intentions.  It is when you are trying to prove to others that you aren’t a racist…that’s when the problems start.

    This video is hilarious and true.  Stop trying to prove that you aren’t racist by saying racist things and you will be alright. That goes for blacks and whites.  

  • Melmel445

    Baha! Thats really funny. As far as debates on racism. It depends where you live, Anyone can be racist, the problem is everyone is soo busy debating on it and trying to understand it instead just enjoying and respecting that we are ALL HUMAN, with many individual differences. 

    • Melmel445

       Oh yeah I ment the video was funny not the comments

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