Stuff White Girls Say… To Black Girls

Continuing with the trend of documenting things white girls say, comedian Chesca Leigh cooks up some racism and serves it up in the form of this hilarious video called, “Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls.” Its humor resonates so deeply because it’s uncomfortably true. In your lifetime, how many times have you endured a racist remark from someone who claims to be liberal and progressive? I actually posted this on my Facebook this morning and was mildly disturbed when someone I didn’t know commented, “OMG, this is so me. The other day I asked my black friend if her hair was made of horse or human tresses. LOL. I think she was offended…” Um, this is the one video you don’t want to see yourself in. If you find yourself relating to it, you should just move to an isolated island somewhere with this chick. (OMG, WHAT HAPPENED TO HER THOUGH?)

To see more of Chesca Leigh’s videos, go here. They’re so good.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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