Love In 365 Days

I’ll fall in love with you in the summertime. Maybe July 3rd. Does that work with your schedule? I mean, it just seems like such a good time to do it, what with the holiday and all. I’ll kiss you the day I meet you and think that I’m really setting my life in motion or something. I’ll kiss you up against a wall or on the floor or in my bed or in public. I’ll pretend I’m a teenager again and trick myself into feeling so many things! On the Fourth of July, you’ll wear a tie dye tank top on some rooftop and we’ll hold hands all day and our friends will stare at us smiling at each other like, “OMG, I’m so happy for their love!” We’ll get red, white, and wasted and watch the fireworks together.

In the fall, the weather will be getting colder but everything else will feel warm. After all, love IS a sauna! It really is. It feels super good at first, like a detox that feels like an orgasm, and then it starts to feel too hot and sticky, so you have to get out before you faint! In the fall, it will still feel like a blissed-out detox. I will know your body very well by now. It’ll start to look like a worn map with wears and tears (ew) and I’ll know exactly what buttons to push. The next step is getting to know the ins and outs of your mind but we’ll save that for the winter when we’re cold, bored, and feeling fat and unsexy.

Oh, shoot. It’s the winter already. Gosh, it sure does feel great to be loved by someone in December. All the things that could potentially make you feel lonely bring you so much joy. “You wanna play Christmas music? Go ahead ’cause I’m in love! It’s 35 degrees? Yay! I’m seeing my family in two days for two solid weeks? Bring it!” When I go home for the holidays, I’ll feel like I’m in a cocoon simply because I’m in a relationship. I’ll walk in there feeling extra confident and proudly proclaim to my family, “I’m in a stable relationship right now so you can all just breathe a giant sigh of relief. Things are going great!” I’ll miss you, I’ll live-text you my family being insane. I’ll feel solace in knowing that someone is waiting for me back in my city. There’ll be sex waiting for me the moment I land. I’ll spend the next month with you in hibernation getting to know your every thought, and sometimes it will overwhelm me and I’ll wonder if I made the right decision. I’ll go two months without seeing my best friend. You’ll swallow me whole in the winter.

In the spring, I’ll know how you like to eat your sandwiches and I’ll know how to get you mad and I’ll know how to get you off. You’ll be like a machine I know how to operate perfectly. When the weather gets warmer, it’ll feel like a love fog has lifted and I’ll be able to see clearly again. My best friend and I will talk every other day. I’ll have nights out without you. I’ll fantasize fleetingly about other people. We’ll be comfortable enough with each other to say things we’ll later regret. Sometimes the thought of loving you for another 365 days seems impossible but then other times it’s all I can ever imagine doing. I’ll think about the day when I first met you and how I felt like I had this entire person to just discover and love. Now I’ve discovered you and I’ve loved you. What now? It’s okay to ask yourself these questions. They’re totally valid. It doesn’t mean anything terrible. A relationship that’s lasted 365 days leaves you with a series of question marks and the answer to all of them is usually “I’M STICKING WITH YOU!” So you needn’t worry. Needn’t worry at all. TC mark

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Ryan O'Connell

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  • Guest

    “I’ll spend the next month with you in hibernation getting to know your every thought, and sometimes it will overwhelm me and I’ll wonder if I made the right decision. I’ll go two months without seeing my best friend. You’ll swallow me whole in the winter.”
    Every winter, without fail. It’s like a sick cycle…

  • JD


  • Jaclyn

    This was so good!

  • nico

    seriously? okay so. july 3rd……where?

    • Anonymous

      i really hope ryan reads the comments because I so want this to fold out. tell me if it does. ;)

  • Maureen'Mo'McFadden

    love this!

  • Guestropod

     You’ll be like a machine I know how to operate perfectly. ”

    I don’t think this should ever be the case, I mean, within a year anyway.  Feel like you should still be discovering new things about each other

    • Ouch

      How about 2 and a half years? And then, when everything’s comfortable and happy, they’ll leave you because really. It’s not you, but it’s just that they’ve had their fill. There’s nothing new to discover any longer, so why bother staying? Ugh. One month aftermath and oh so bitter.

  • Sophia

    awww. this was really cute.

  • creeped

    it’s like your crawled into my mind. i even started dating my bf on the 4th of july

  • courtleee

    But it’s a leap year.

  • future gopher

    Hey Ryan, your articles are the only reason I read TC.  

    • xtina

      ditto! and i follow Ryan on twitter. swooon

  • Tammy Le

    This is amazing.

  • Guest

    loved it

  • Brandon Lowry

    Most TC posts give me immense joy in regards to currently being single.. this one? Not so much. I needed this. Thank You.

  • beatrice

    aww haha such a sweet article :)

  • Anonymous

    I liked how this started off crunchy and salty and then it got all ooey and gooey.

  • kayla

    So hopelessly romantic 

  • detroiter

    Orrrr you break up 31 days later and you STILL have all that stupid knowledge about the person, and spend the next 365 days trying to forget you wasted a year of your life… #slightlybitter

  • Walruscokeheadlizard

    ‘Now I’ve discovered you and loved you. What now?’ don’t think I’ve ever read a description of the slight ennui that comes along with a long term relationship that rang more true

  • yvonne

    Summer… Too spot on.

  • smarz


  • Nicole

    You always write these articles at exactly the right time. The number of your pieces I’ve bookmarked is worrying to me, hopefully flattering to you. And guess whose first anniversary was today? Adding another bookmark because “what now” is a question I’ve been asking lately.

  • nicearticle

    i usually don’t like your pieces. but this was really fantastic. bravo. 

    • Guest

      What???? Always great. Like a sip of coca cola

  • Breannah

    My relationship actually started on July 4th, and has been following your timline for the most part. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Spring and Summer, but am just as happy to have someone love me in December :)

  • mefox

    Reblogged this on A.Little.Bit.Of.Red. and commented:
    Such a clever and captivating little note of love and all of its complexities. Love this.

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