Moments That Will Always Make You Feel Happy

That moment when your hangover begins to lift around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. You still feel like hell but you’re feeling it devolve from a Category 4 Hangover to maybe a Category 3 or 2. Watching your body begin to repair itself feels spectacular, like a gentle massage all over your body. It’s hanging on to your body like a hangover is apt to do but it’s beginning to be pushed out.  It’s only then that your body allows itself to deflate like a limp balloon, when  you can just lay down without experiencing too much upset or nausea. You’re surrendering yourself lazily to the hangover and letting it pass through you without a fight.  Gosh, this moment makes me happy; it makes me feel more alive than most things. Is that weird?

That moment when you spritz yourself with a fragrance, light a new candle, lounge around in your apartment in your underwear and rub moisturizer all over your legs or paint your toenails or lay in bed with the window open and a soft breeze is giving you hickeys. These are the moments when being alone doesn’t actually feel lonely.  You’re thankful for the peace and quiet, and hope it stays for as long as possible. You find safety in being by yourself.

Driving through canyons or hills or on a freeway with your best friends with the music blaring and no one is speaking to each other. Not only do you feel youthful, you also feel connected to those who are in the car with you. It’s in that moment that you realize your life has officially become a car commercial.

Days that make you happy for no reason. I have one I would like to share actually. The morning after my best friend’s 21st birthday, I was up till 7am making out in someone’s bed in the Lower East Side. I finally left this boy’s apartment a little drunk still and covered in hickeys as the sun was beginning to shine brightly down on me. I went to the Walgreens on Astor Place, bought some Asprin, and went to bed for a few hours, and when I woke up, I remembered that I had to go to a classmate’s graduation party in Tribeca with my friend Grace. Aside from having a few conversations in class, Grace and I weren’t really friends with this girl but we thought it would be rude to not attend so we went. I bought flowers from a bodega on Broadway and 11th Street and took a Polaroid of Grace and I smiling on the street, writing ” Congrats, The Graduate” underneath. We then wandered down languidly to Tribeca, a neighborhood we both weren’t too familiar with, and finally came across the address. Incidentally, the girl neither of us knew too well in our class, lived in a luxury high-rise building and her party was being thrown not in her apartment but in her building’s “Events” room, which was a large space designated for residents’ parties. When we arrived, we immediately felt out of our element. Besides seeing a few other kids our age from school, the party was mostly attended by her family. It felt strange meeting her mother, who looked like she had too many surgeries done in the hills of Beverly, and her older brother and her nephews when I barely knew this girl myself. Grace and I sat alone eating the catered food for an hour or so before we ducked out and went shopping in Soho. Or maybe Grace just went shopping and I went home. Either way, that day may have seemed unremarkable and kind of awkward, but it actually seemed apropos given the state of my life at the time. And for that, it makes me happy. It serves as a snapshot for how seemingly random my life was at 22 when I had recently moved to New York and didn’t know what the hell I was doing. These were the days I went to stranger’s parties in Tribeca lofts after a night of no sleep. It’s only been three years since that day but I can safely say that I would never go to that kind of party again. And even if I did, I would need at least seven hours of sleep to do it.

They say that doing heroin feels like an orgasm but, since I’m too chicken/smart to try it, I’ll just stick to having good, old-fashioned orgasms, thank you! Orgasms are designed to bring an instant happy into anyone’s life. They’re just swell. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • DAMO

    i never feel happy on any category hangover. sundays = hell on nauseating wheels.

  • Grace

    This is Grace and this was fucking adorable.

  • Julia

    The last 3 sentences don’t really match to the rest. The rest although is pure love.

  • jacob

    Pleasure isn’t happiness!

    • Na

      What is?

      • Anonymous

        happiness would be satisfaction as a whole

      • EarthToNichole

        I think of happiness as satisfaction, plus…a little something more that I can’t put into words. Isn’t satisfaction as a whole just contentment, which isn’t the same as happiness at all, really.

  • AZJay1007

    LOL nice article. But if the fog of a hangover lifting is the first thing on your list of things that make you happy, you really need to quit/curb the drinking. Just sayin’. LOL Ok, I couldn’t keep a straight face while typing that but you do seem to write a lot about hangovers. ;-)

  • Kai

    Orgasms are so great I know it’s one of those “well, duh” kind of things but seriously people. Orgasms.

    • Na

      Even though they get a ton of credit, it’s not enough. It’ll never be enough.

  • Star Jonestown

    Choose one:

    a)  Since you are apparently well on your way to alcoholism, these “moments” are all you have.
     b)  Since you are apparently well on your way to alcoholism, you should probably not use the second person in your posts.  You are already troubled.  
    c)  Since you are apparently well on your way to alcoholism, enjoy some pride in being published on a reasonably well-regarded website.  
    d) Since you are apparently well on your way to alcoholism, you may want to seek some kind of early counseling/treatment/alternate forms of entertainment.  

    It’s really dumb to abruptly mention heroin at the end of the piece.  Heroin is more than an orgasm.  Heroin is skating on the edge of death every time.  It’s a bit different than an orgasm.  But you wouldn’t know, so why in the hell are you mentioning it?

    • Ryan O'Connell


  • Michael

    I have had orgasms in otherwise horrible moments.

    • steinlette

      But didn’t you feel a little bit better afterwards?

  • PHILerup

    I like perusing through Thought Catalog and I gotta mention I hate to hate…..but Ryan O’Connell drivel written in the second-person is even more irritating than Ryan O’Connell drivel written in the first person…

  • Sneha

    Loved it Ryan! Just being happy without no reason is probably the best thing to happen.  I love that feeling! And sure, being with yourself! Oh yes, the car commercial, I know that feeling too. Well PUT! U are brilliant!

  • Anonymous

  • anonz

    Is there going to be an article about princeton any time soon?

  • Kat

    like your work here but, “the hills of Beverly”?  Come on…

  • diana salier

    super glad this didn’t mention anything about love // relationships // feeling safe with a girlfriend/boyfriend…my  heart  wouldn’t have been able to deal today.

    the driving with friends with the music up thing is spot-on.

    • April

      You feel infinite :)

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • macgyver51

    If you look on the edge of the pool you’re hanging onto the side of, the number written there is 2.

  • Alias Grace

    Nice picture!

  • Mung Beans

    god, that Cabrio commercial is so good

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Damn, that commercial was da bomb. Wishing it was 1999… and I was not 9.

  • grilledcheesy

    For some reason, the word ‘whenever’ thrills me. I can think of two occasions recently when someone told me to call them whenever and meant it – like, their day is mine. Makes me feel valued, if nothing else.

  • DCDenise

    The first thing I did was figure out that this person is only 24-25 years old. That explained it all.

  • women business owners

    That is so adorable, i really like it.

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