Skinny People Need To Stop Pretending That They’re Fat

Have you ever met a fat foodie? I haven’t. Please explain that to me. It’s like never seeing an alcoholic drink. How come all of the so-called foodies, the ones that tweet pictures of their New American deep-fried Oreos (with madagascar vanilla creme and dark chocolate crust—just like mom used to make!) are always so thin? Where are the deep-fried Oreos going? Do foodies have a special spitting cup like the ones you get when you go wine tasting? They savor the taste and immediately get rid of it? Because something is not adding up here. According to the Internet, you ingest 4,000 calories a day but still somehow manage to have a size 28 waist. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

One of the fads of the internet is constantly blogging about the food that’s entering your body. More often than not though, the food that’s documented would not be out of a place on the website, This Is Why You’re Fat. (I’m guilty of this trend to a certain extent too by talking about my cupcake and Nutella consumption but to be fair, I’m no waif. I have a big booty and a tummy.) A fattening piece of food is usually accompanied by a photo of the thin person who’s eating it and a caption that reads: OMG. Fried chicken sandwich + truffle fries = fat kid 4 lyfe.” Au contraire. You would think that such a meal would make you a “fat kid 4 LYFE”, but it actually makes you a skinny kid with a great metabolism/a secret eating disorder… 4 lyfe.

I wonder though why there has been such an emphasis placed on the junk food we eat. Why do we feel the need to blog about it so much? Why is it breaking news whenever we eat an ice cream sundae? “Don’t mind me. Just flooding my young skinny body with loads of calories. Jealous?” No. I’m not. I don’t care about your ice cream sundae but I’m wondering why you do so much. Is it a humble brag type of situation? When thin people talk about their poor eating habits, are they showing off? Are they letting us soak in the irony that they’ve maintained a nice figure by eating absolute crap? I don’t know much about the psychology behind it because I’ve never been super thin before. When I eat crappy food, it sort of does stick to my body so tweeting about it and posting pics isn’t as fun. It’s like, “Hi. Here are the reasons why I gained ten pounds this summer. Enjoy!”

I guess it just annoys me when people talk about the fattening foods they eat and are like “I’M SUCH A FAT KID. I’M AN OBESE PERSON.” Because it’s like, hi, you’re not. You’re the opposite. Imagine if someone who was morbidly obese did tweet about their ice cream sundae and say something like, “I’m SUCH a fat kid.” There would be crickets on the Internet. A tumbleweed would run through their Twitter. For someone who’s fat, their relationship with food is more private and shame-based. But if you’re thin, you can flaunt it without judgement.

I guess, at the end of the day, I’m just bewildered by skinny people eating like they’re Kirstie Alley (circa last year) at an all-you-can-eat ice cream bar. WTF? Maybe I’m just jealous though. Either way, just stop calling yourself fat and posting pics of you devouring cake please. Some of us can’t have our cake and Twitpic it too! TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Perfect Circles

    Totally agreed. Pictures of food and pictures of pets are two of the least sexually arousing things I ever have to encounter on my Facebook feed.

    • Sarah

      babies. Add babies on that list.

      • Perfect Circles

        god I wish I could…

      • NoSexCity

        Best TC comment thread ever?

  • Janelle

    I lol’d.

  • summerslaw

    did you just read mindy kaling’s book too? 

  • VA

    “A tumbleweed would run through their Twitter.”
    Worth it for this sentence alone.

  • Sophia

    What about average-sized people? Is our relationship with food shame-based too, or do average-sized people get away with posting about junk food too? This article dichotomizes between “skinny people” and “morbidly obese people”, but I just wonder in which category the rest of us fit.

  • CUinNYC

    Exercise allows you to eat whatever you want and be fit.

    • a.

      To some extent, but it’s not like you can exercise and regularly indulge in nutella-shame spirals and deep-fried oreos.

      • CUinNYC

        To some exent you should just put the fork down.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe it just allows you to eat whatever you want and be thin. Your internal organs will still be desperately unhealthy. 

  • Keith Pence

    In the “real world” I’m skinny and in the “gay world” I am morbidly obese.

  • anon

    The “foodies” I know don’t consume incredible amounts of unhealthy food. They eat a variety of foods, healthy and unhealthy, but all in moderation. Therefore staying skinny. I think the variety gives the illusion that they eat a lot more than us regular people?

  • Anonymous

    this goes hand in hand with the fad of the moment: the “snob diet”. I have several friends who have manic self-control & simply will not eat unless it’s a $20 locally sourced bison burger placed atop a homemade bun with a side of sweet potato fries harvested from the community garden–& that’s it for the day. that’s how they stay thin. I, however, have neither the desire nor the cash to indulge in such a lifestyle. Kraft mac & cheese is cheap, filling, nostalgic & absolutely delicious. 

  • Guest

    I love food. I mean love it. Especially dessert. And I’m a skinny person. 
    My secret to being able to eat chicken & waffles w/fries followed by fried oreos? It’s two-fold: 1.Portion control (I rarely eat the WHOLE plate of dessert, all of the fries, etc)

  • guest

    Its very simple to do that only once every two weeks. I consider myself a foodie with a tiny waist line. 13 days out of 14 I eat salad and oatmeal. Its that 14th day I go absolutely crazy. The easy part is not keeping nutella in the house.

  • Monica Price

    WRONG! I’m a overweight foodie, I wouldn’t say fat. But like someone else mentioned its called you love food so A) you watch your portions. even if you take a picture of an entire thing you hardly ever finish it all in one sitting. that’s just crazy. B) get your butt to the gym and work that sucker off. I dunno about naturally skinny people but this is how normal people handle this.

  • Amanda Silvas

    Ohh that last line, you’re good. 

  • Kathy

    I’m a skinny person and I don’t blog, but I do find myself talking about the junk food I eat in an almost braggy sort of way, and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’m trying to make people jealous. I don’t *want* people to hate me for being able to eat crap and stay skinny. I think it’s more of a desire to prove you’re normal/part of the community. People my age are supposed to binge on nutella all the time, so talking about it is a way of establishing yourself as part of that group in society. But if you’re overweight, the stigma associated with not trying to *lose* that weight overrides any pleasure you might gain from joining the conversation about nutella.

    For some people it might be about bragging about their metabolism, but I don’t think it’s that way for everyone.

  • N.

    I’m glad you mentioned Kirstie Alley. The thing about her is, when she regained all the weight she lost on Jenny Craig, she constantly tweeted about junk food, fast food, fine food, every kind of food she was enjoying and not an internet cricket was heard. Folks wouldn’t and still won’t let it go. Even when she’s not fat, the absence of her fat stands in its place. We have a sad, sick obsession with weight and an even sadder, sicker relationship with food. She’s become the poster child for that struggle. Meanwhile, for the better part of twenty years, Courteney Cox has been a mylar balloon on a string and somehow, that’s considered desirable and the people who work with her constantly have to mention what a pig she is when it comes to junk food. Can’t we all just except that skinny people and fat people alike either like food or don’t and leave it at that?

  • Caitlin

    I’d just like to say that “naturally skinny people” are “normal people” too. Let’s be careful of how we place people in boxes. Everyone metabolizes food differently, everyone has a different amount of willpower when it comes to food.  Some people practice restraint and don’t eat like “foodies” 24/7. Sometimes we share things with others online because we want to feel a sense of community, we want others to share in our experiences. Maybe what you should be attacking is the way in which our media attempts to define what normalcy is and what’s acceptable for whom to eat.

  • Guest

    There’s a difference between “foodies” and people who eat junk food. Big difference.

  • Cyberroulette

    Felt the need to respond to this, since I’m a skinny person who is occasionally guilty of this.  A lot of this, at least in my case, is someone who’s size 0 trying to convince themself that they’re naturally skinny.  They’re not, but they want to pretend to be, so they can pretend that they’re not going to freak out about it later and plot the next three days of workouts and dieting.  I’m not saying that’s the case for all skinny foodies, but there are some of us who alternate between highly publicized binge meals and subsisting on protein granola bars.

  • lily

    I actually do have a pretty fat friend who loves going to cafes and bakeries and taking pictures of the (admittedly) charming and delicious-looking desserts and dishes she gets there. So she is just……an honest foodie?

  • Tyler

    “I have a big booty and a tummy.” 


  • Svourdroculed

    “…4 lyfe”That made me laugh a lot. You are funny.

  • Sienna

    Some people publicise what they’re eating because in reality, they hardly eat anything at all. They do it so that their peers don’t start to worry about them.

  • Jacqueline Writes

    A “foodie” does not ONLY eat junk food. I am a foodie. I take pictures of my food and post them on the Internet. I don’t ever call myself fat, that’s stupid and immature; but I post the pictures because I’m proud of the meal I made. I like the presentation. Most of the time Im taking pictures of HEALTHY food because I happen to be a diabetic foodie. Not all people are like your friend. Your friend is not a foodie. Your friend=dessertie

    • Lalalala

      SHUT UP

    • Me!

      Dessertie.  I have found my calling!

  • Mac

    oh I’m that guy #sorry

  • Alias Grace

    Does this mean you’ve given up baked ziti?

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