5 Moments When You Realize You Need More Friends

That moment when all you want to do is lie in bed and watch TV all day but don’t really wanna do it alone. You’re feeling medium anti-social but you know that if you don’t hang out with someone, you risk falling into a serious fugue. So you scan the contacts in your phone and realize that you would need to do some sort of activity in order to hang out with most of your friends. You might really like them and have lots of fun together but you aren’t on that level where you can have long moments of silence together. You need more friends like that.

That moment when you score an invite to a cool opening or party and have a plus one. It’s going to be a specific kind of crowd where you’ll need to bring the certain kind of friend. You rack your brain and realize that no one in your social life would really fit in or have fun. You don’t want to go alone so you just stay home and are bitter, thinking about how you need more friends like who are more *insert description here*

That moment when you’re sick and need to ask your friends for help. When you think about whom to ask though you’re disheartened by the lack of options. “WTF?” you think to yourself. “When did I realize that my friends were all evil?”

That moment when you’re in a giant group of people and you still feel completely alone and alienated. You realize you don’t respect most of the people around you and need to find a new group of people who are more like you. This realization sucks. You can spend years cultivating bogus friendships and have to start all over again in order to have a satisfying social life.

That moment when you realize all of your friends got into relationships or consumed by work and it’s Saturday afternoon and you have no one to call. This moment has crept on you. You had no idea that it had already came to this but here you are. La-dee-da. It’s enough to make you miss high school when the friends may have been fairweathered, but boy were they plentiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Freaks and Geeks

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