The First Time I Heard About Myspace, Facebook, And Twitter


I first heard about Myspace in 2004, the summer before my senior year of high school. My friend showed me his profile in the computer room at my mom’s house and prefaced it with “This site can be really addicting.” As I scanned his pouty scene photos and hilarious “About Me”, I remember telling him that Myspace seemed like an embarrassing joke. “I would never get one. It’s for scene kids and baby prostitutes!” At the time, I was committed to my Livejournal after having taken a brief sojourn to Friendster, and had no intentions of deviating ever again. Whenever I first hear of some new social media craze, I’m always adverse to it. This is mostly because I like to be a contrary brat but it also comes from a place of not wanting to fit anything else on my virtual plate. 60% of the time I cave in though and that’s what I did with Myspace. It got to the point where if you didn’t have one, you were missing out on practically everything. All the fun drama went down on there so if you didn’t join, you would permanently be awash in a sea of virtual confusion and risk becoming a social pariah!


I heard about Facebook the summer before I entered college. At the time it was only open to universities so joining it felt like being a part of some exclusive club. At this point, Myspace had been overrun by 14-year-old girls with profile pages that would give you seizures and About Me’s that would say something like, “bEst FrIendS MeAns PuLlIng The TrIgGer <3". I guess Facebook seemed like the more logical mature direction to take when you entered college. "I need a fresh start! Time to join another vanity social media website to express my human development!" I didn't want to join Facebook initially but since I was moving six hours away from home with no friends to speak of, I figured I didn't have a choice. During my first month at college, I met like four people a day from Facebook. 89% of them turned out to be total normies with a deceptively good internet personality but at least it kept me from crying alone in my room and calling my parents. After the novelty of college wore off, I stopped using Facebook and came crawling back to Myspace like a guilty junkie. It took two and a half years for me to finally come to my senses and go back to Facebook. Once I did though, Myspace was D E A D to me. I pulled the ~~~trigger~~~.


I first heard about Twitter maybe two years ago and thought the whole thing sounded absolutely ridiculous. I would go on and look at people’s tweets that read, “Nothing like brunch with the girls, followed by a KILLER Bar Method class and snuggling up to your man :).” I mean, just kill me. Who wants to read that? For the first few months, I would just use it to read Lindsay Lohan’s coked out ramblings. I never even made an account. Then in April of 2010, friends of mine had started White Girl Problems and I was like, “Oh, okay. I can use Twitter to be funny. It can just be a collection of jokes!” So then I started my own satirical Twitter, Being Gay Is Gay, and quickly became a straight-up junkie. Being Gay Is Gay was my life, which wasn’t that hard considering I had just graduated college with no job prospects. I would actually apply to jobs and put in my resume, “Um, I have 6,000 followers on Twitter?!” It seemed unprofessional but it actually was the reason why I got two “coveted” internships. So there. Take that, luddites! I eventually caved and got my own personal Twitter last year but I promise to never tweet about salads or sunshine. Now I have two Twitter accounts, which means that I’m sucking that website’s D 24/7 basically. Whatever. I don’t mind. Twitter is the best in bed anyway.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. When did you guys first hear about Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter? Were any of you like “K Bye” when you first heard about them? TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Tau Zaman

    I remember years back my friends and I used to think Twitter was like, Facebook for old people.

  • zia

    I am still refusing to use twitter, but the peer pressure is getting almost unbearable at this point. I think I technically have an account that I created years ago somewhere, but I’ve never tweeted anything. I guess I just feel like I spam people with facebook with things about my life that nobody cares about… so it’s redundant to do the same on another networking site. 

    Every few months or so I will log into my old myspace account, though. Usually I can’t stand being on it for more than 5 minutes, but it’s still a nice bit of nostalgia. (I was one of those 14 year old girls…. except I never used alternating capital and lowercase letters. I was way too pretentious for that.)

  • Josh C. Bramlett

    Facebook in Fall 2006, Senior year of H.S.  I remember the exact day that they let high school students add college friends.  Twitter I joined in March of 09.  And yes, I got a job off of my twitter experience as well.  Now I’m tweeting for the @ArkTimes.  Check it out, y’all.  I always was on Xanga instead of MySpace, but that’s just because I’d rather read people’s blogs than ridiculous MySpace spam.  

    • Damenhandle

      Wasn’t Xanga for Azns?

      • Josh C. Bramlett

        For what?

      • Adolf Hipster


  • Damenhandle

    I remember thinking Twitter was Facebook for Republicans.

    • Josh C. Bramlett

      Twitter is facebook for Republicans.  Democrats do not have nearly as good of a base on twitter as Reps do.

      • Damenhandle

        They can have twitter. Liberals have a better base on everything else on the internet.

  • Sean

    I remember thinking Facebook was just dumb because I already had MySpace and I could pretend I was funny there.
    But pretty soon half the profiles I clicked into were assaulting me with a volley of whatever retarded song they were <3'ing at that time – horrible at any time of the day, but extra horrible at work – so I went hunting out FB. 
    FB was still full of annoying pricks (mostly the same friends) but at least it was fucking quiet. But then the parents and ex-schoolfriends came.

    Twitter is great for everything, from watching TV with to seeing that your heroes are mostly just idiots too and a thousand things besides. 
    You can essentially tune the internet to just the exact frequency you want, and I love it for that. 

  • Anonymous

    i can’t even remember finding myspace, however i do remember facebook rather well.

    i got facebook just a couple months after it was open to the public. my friend in arkansas used it, and not myspace, so i ot one to connect w/ him. over time everyone from my high school got one.

    i learned about twitter in my senior year, got one, made a few tweets, didn’t touch it for 2 years

  • Brodie Lancaster

    The first time I used MySpace was to write a blog post saying “I don’t get this. MSN Spaces are so much better.”

  • Egle Makaraite

    Is this site your personal journal now?

  • Kia Etienne

    oh my god Ry.
    Why would anyone ever go BACK to myspace?!

  • Nigel D.

    I just heard about MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter after reading this article.

    • Lo

      No, really.

  • NoSexCity

    What, no mention of Google+? ;)

    Seriously though; loved Myspace until the SPAM became so overwhelming that there was no reason to continue to use the website. Have always felt great animosity toward Facebook, which is why my profile is mostly empty and I refuse to upload photos. And Twitter? Twitter is so much fun… which it’s not giving me reasons to hate my friends at 4am for posting sweet one-liners vaguely reminiscent of the one you mentioned seeing in several girls’ “About Me”s.

  • Anonymous

    * “bEst FrIendS MeAns i PuLLeD The TrIgGer <3"

  • Samie Rose

    I work in online and social media marketing so my opinion of social media is skewed because.. it’s my job.

  • syahmi azri

    i am trying to crack my own friendster account while reading this :)

  • Em

    Signed up FB once I got set up my UW e-mail address, so spring of my senior year. FB was still for college kids back then. I felt superior. But I didn’t actually use it until I started college. That’s when I abandoned MySpace. 

  • klaus

    Ryan O’Connell didnt cum to twitter until 2 years ago?

  • allie

    i remember hearing about myspace when i was a junior in high school and at first i was like that is so dumb, my friend marc told me about it because he had seen this boy that i used to go out with on myspace and showed me his profile. and then i made a profile and i was addicted to it. i would sign in every single day and had so many friends :b haha people that i didn’t even know added me everyday and i loved it. i actually met my first bf from myspace haha and i loved myspace because you could change your profile and i would put all these pictures and quotes everywhere i thought it looked soooo prettty:) i made a facebook in 2006 my senior year in high school but i thought it looked boring so i never used it. i started using it more like 2 years ago and its okay i’m not addicted to it, it’s just there. i don’t have a twitter but maybe i’ll make one sooner or later…

  • Josef

    Once in a while I like to revisit a random day in my LiveJournal circa 2004. Inevitably, I end up closing the tab straight away and spending the rest of my day wondering what the hell was wrong with me seven years ago.

    Ryan, can you PLEASE do a post to TC soon with one of your old entries? It would probably make my week. Spanks.

  • klaus

    How come nobody ever cums to Ryan’s readings?

    Will nobody realize that cumming to his readings are fun?

  • Sara

    i still dont get twitter. my facebook posts get heaps more comments/clicks/reblogs.
    i mostly feel like im talking to myself on twitter. unless i tweet ppl. i like tweeting celebrities* because more often than not they reply.
    *aussie muso ‘celebs’.

    But then when i tweet friends its starts a convo on twitter.. which feels wrong… ugh #firstworldproblems.

    oh yeah i love hashtagging shit. you can hashtag ANYTHING! WHO KNEW?!

  • Anonymous

    I first used MySpace way back in 2005 I think, with pictures of me playing basketball and writings of me being all emo (between that and Xanga, I was a pretty depressing teenager). I remember first using Facebook a little later that year, after begging a guy in my computer class for an invite for two solid months. Been an avid user ever sense. 

    Twitter? Well, it began in January 2009 (I think) with @CRoseTaylor. Four name changes later and I’m now @TheOnlySearose:twitter . Kind of addicted now too. 

  • Anonymous

    I first used MySpace way back in 2005 I think, with pictures of me playing basketball and writings of me being all emo (between that and Xanga, I was a pretty depressing teenager). I remember first using Facebook a little later that year, after begging a guy in my computer class for an invite for two solid months. Been an avid user ever sense. 

    Twitter? Well, it began in January 2009 (I think) with @CRoseTaylor. Four name changes later and I’m now @TheOnlySearose:twitter . Kind of addicted now too. 

  • Dan Priest

    I’ve been on Facebook since, oh gosh, the summer of ’05, right before college. That was a few months before the Wall was introduced, which makes me feel incredibly old.

    Believe it or not, I joined MySpace a year after Facebook and did absolutely nothing with it. I don’t know what I expected you to believe in that sentence, so just forget about it.

  • Jess

    but what about TUMBLR?!?!

  • Jess

    but what about TUMBLR?!?!

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