5 Items That Are Worth Splurging On

No, you’re not hallucinating that headline. This is still Thought Catalog. Lately, I’ve just been really interested in cologne, perfume, furniture, and beauty products, all right? Get off me! I know that in your twenties it’s really chic to be thrifty. We love a good sale and we never like to admit when something actually set us back a bunch of bread. Our comforter used to be our grandmother’s, okay?! We did not buy it at a mid-range hipster grownup store! It was made with the culture of our ancestors! Yeah, right. Below are five items you should feel no shame splurging on. You don’t really want to find these things on sale anyway. Trust me.

1. Your bed

I was raised by cheap parents who only shopped at Costco and wouldn’t even let me order soda at restaurants so believe me when I say that I wasn’t spoiled growing up. I remember ordering a hamburger at Jack In The Box one time with my dad and him refusing to add cheese because it was 75 cents extra. Instead, we went home and melted a fresh slice of cheese for free! #GLAMOUR. Anyway, the one item my parents had no qualms about spending a ton of money on was a bed. My dad would always tell me, “Ryan, you spend a third of your life in bed (Let’s be real. I spend at least 40%) so it’s worth it to get the best mattress available!” When I was younger, I used to sleep on crappy twin beds but when I moved into my own apartment in college, I had no reservations about dropping some P. Diddy dough on a glorious bed. Now, I sleep wonderfully and my back feels great. Sleeping over at other people’s house is always a struggle for me because my body just rejects inferior mattresses. It’s like, “Can you please get this off my back?” I’m old enough to feel no shame in having a Mom and Dad bed. Save up your cash and go crazy on purchasing a good one because it’s worth it.

2. Plastic surgery

I know this seems like a random jump from beds to plastic surgery but, hi, welcome to my brain. Plastic surgery, if you ever choose to get it, is the absolute one thing you want to splurge on. You don’t go bargain shopping for surgeons, okay? No 2-for-1 deal! If I ever get plastic surgery when I’m older, I want to go the most bougie doctor ever. I want his office to be encrusted with diamonds and have Sarah Jessica Parker walking out the door. I don’t want an office that’s located next to a fast food joint. Dare I even mention the tragedy that was Kanye West’s mom? I looked at pictures of the office she went to and immediately was like, “Um, never. This in a Van Nuys strip mall.” So please, for your safety, be a diva and go all out if you want to change your body and/or face.

3. Shampoo

When I was an ignorant young lad, I would buy the shampoo that smelled the best, not knowing that it was usually stripping my hair of essential oils and making it feel all leathery. I mean, what’s up with that? People buy shampoo to make their hair better, not worse. You think you can trick us by making it smell amazing?! Well, I guess you can. When I was twenty, however, I broke down and spent thirty dollars on some fancy organic shampoo and was shocked to discover how instantly amazing my hair felt. Sure, it didn’t smell like a bunch of flowers, but it improved the texture of my hair greatly. This is especially important for my hair because I have super bad psoriasis on my scalp and have to use this intense prescription shampoo that leaves me flake free but with screwed up hair. I need some high quality stuff to restore my hair back to its ~~~NATURAL GLOW~~~. Ask any adult about expensive shampoo. They swear by it.

4. Makeup

This one I don’t know for certain because I’ve never worn makeup, but my girlfriends usually have a Chanel foundation or a YSL lipstick amongst their sea of usual suspects. Certain cheap makeup can apparently work really well but I guess it’s important to have one spurge item in your makeup bag at all times. I can attest to the YSL lipstick. My friend purchased a stick last week and that stuff looks gorgeous.

5. Perfume

This is an obvious one. Just two days ago, I wrote over a thousand words about my love for perfume. To me, finding the perfect scent is worth spending every penny on. You’ll have it with you forever (er, until it runs out) and you will feel like a well-rounded person! A person isn’t fully complete until he or she finds the perfect fragrance. And when they do, they got to be ready to drop some cash in order to experience that joy. Plus, the fragrance will probably get you laid once or twice, which makes the price worth it alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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