The Different Kinds Of Pictures You Can Take Of Yourself On Photo Booth: Part Two

This is the “OMG, I’m writing so many papers. I hate Jane Eyre and I hate finals!” These photos are often taken in your school’s library but they can also be taken in a coffee shop. They should convey a high sense of discomfort and annoyance with your workload. Sample comments will include “I’m dying too. Haven’t slept in 48 hours.”

This is the “I’m making a crazy face and acting weird because I’m a person who has fun!!!” picture. There are so many of these kinds of pictures on my Photo Booth.

I mean, is this not the same picture?

This is the “I’m sticking my tongue out to convey a sense of playfulness/maybe exude some party girl vibes” picture. I stick out  my tongue in pictures a lot because it makes me feel less self-conscious. I’m going to make myself look freakish before the camera can!?

This is the “I’m taking a picture of myself in an airplane to show that I’m someone who flies places. I have cities to be in, tickets to buy, and cabs to hail. And I fly Virgin, okaaaaay?” picture. This can be posted on your Facebook with the caption of AIRPORT NAME   —> OTHER AIRPORT NAME.

This is an extension of the last picture. It’s the “I’m holding up European money because I’m in EUROPE. Who wants to rage? Oh my god, the wine is so cheap here. I’m like permanently wasted!!!” picture.

This is the “I’m so hungover. Don’t look at me! Wait, look at me! I’m going to take a picture of myself hungover and post it and be like, “Wait, I’m so gross!” picture.

This is the “I wish I still I had a Livejournal so I could put this picture in an entry and be like “things have been hard lately…”  picture. Photos of me looking depressed no longer have a place in my virtual identity, which makes me feel so sad and…depressed? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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