JD Samson And Willy Siegel Discuss Feminism And Other Stuff Over Skype

: [vimeo 26579616 w=622 h=390]

Meet JD Samson—the gender bending musician from Le Tigre and MEN—and Willy Siegel (formerly known as Molly Siegel) from Baltimore art-rock group, Ponytail. Together they represent a small faction in music as two performers who challenge the notion of gender, one dance song at a time.

Impose TV had the two get together over Skype (so pomo) to discuss music, feminism, and a lot of other things I learned about in my liberal arts college. Willy and JD are not only articulate and brave, they actually make damn good music. I was always a big fan of Le Tigre and actually got to see them perform when I was in high school. I remember the night being overwhelmingly positive—like a mini-Pride parade—and being particularly enamored with JD Samson. Years later, I went to see the now-defunct dance group Junior Senior and was overjoyed to see JD come on as a surprise guest. There’s something about JD. The dreamy androgyny helps make for this effortless cool and intrigue. You want to be JD or sleep with JD and you’re not exactly sure why. Or wait, maybe that’s just me.

Watch the video above and marvel at two people in popular culture actually having an insightful and smart conversation… over Skype. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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