The Different Kinds Of Pictures You Can Take Of Yourself On Photo Booth

Call me a narcissist but I feel no shame in having 1,600 photos on my Mac Photo Booth. In fact, I’ve liked taking pictures of myself ever since I was little. I even had a webcam installed in my computer between the ages of fifteen to seventeen (I would show you those pictures but then I would have to go away and just…die.) so my friends and I could have photo shoots when we were bored after school and had run out of Dawson’s Creek episodes to watch. I don’t take photos of myself because I think I’m hot. On the contrary, I usually turn to the camera when I’m feeling like a gargoyle. Everyone who has grown up with an internet connection knows that you can look like crap run over twice but by using the right angles/facial expressions, you have the ability to become a teen dream. There are so may babes on the internet who actually look terrifying in real life. I mean, if you can’t be a babe online, you must have serious probs.

Let’s take a look now at some of the different kinds of pictures you can take of yourself on Photo Booth. Some of them are cute, some of them are cringeworthy, and some of them are just really #dark. Don’t worry though, I’ll reveal the thought processes behind all of them! I have a feeling that I’m not only one who spends hours attempting to take a good default picture.

This is the “Just hangin’ at home and being wacky!” picture. Please note the orange wristband I’m wearing because it indicates that I have a life and go places. That was basically the point of taking this photo. That, and to show off my brand new shirt!!!!

You know when you take a picture of yourself that doesn’t really look like you but you decide that you’re really hot in it so you make it your default picture anyway? That’s this picture for me. A small part of your self-esteem dies, however, when your friends comment with things like, “Whoa, where did this hottie come from?!” and you realize that you’re officially Laney Boggs from She’s All That.

This is the “Oh no, I’m injured!” picture. It’s important to look “over it” and not respond to the comments of “OMG, what happened?” You want to preserve a sense of mystery!

This is the “Ew, I’m having a breakout” picture. I am pretty sure I’m the only person who takes this and puts it on the internet though.

This is the “OMG, I’m using weird effects on Photo Booth and it’s crazy, LOL” photo. Any way in which you can make yourself look morbidly obese is a favorite.

This is the “I’m too high to even be on Photo Booth. What the hell am I doing? Oh my god, I’m so hungry and high. Hates it. This camera is cool though. Makes me feel more high. Wait, what?” picture. Bonus points for wearing tie dye because then you can call yourself a stoner freak in the caption.

There are so many more. Expect a part two. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • es

    I am ardently awaiting part 2 to this post. 

  • A.

    oh my god this is so good

    • a.

       I’m going to start hunting you down.

      This is TC. That is my name. For the love of all that is good, stop.

      • GUESTY

        u mad

  • Laura Maggied

    This is amazing.

  • Candacemat

    you forgot the + cat

  • Rachel Butters Scotch

    ryan minus the awkward hipster glasses = omg hottie. 

    • chris

      i can’t handle those glasses, just can’t get over them being associated with harry potter.. it’s like the hitler mustache.. no matter what, if you have that stache, people think of hitler

      • karyn

        hipster glasses are the icing on the cake, you’re cray cray

  • Eakhooper1990

     l love you. Every time I read something I love, it’s always by you! Never stop please.

    • Brogan

      I completely agree. Ryan is by far my favorite on TC.

      • S.H.

        Ryan /is/ TC.~~~

  • Genie

    Guilty of “hey look I’m injured”
    And I also overlooked the “what happened?!!?!” comments on facebook

    • brit


  • S.H.

    How in the fuck does Ryan O’Connell exist? SO. GOOD.

  • Chriss need to get out of the house a little more often. I’m in London where the summer is bad and they riot and loot, but I think it is better that I go to the street, than sit at home in front of my Macs taking pictures of myself. Just a thought.

    • S.H.

      ? You must be new…

      • Chriss

         New at what? (Note the clever use of the question mark at the end of the sentence? Twice.) New at being a fucktard perhaps?

      • LDN

        calm down babes

      • Chriss

        I’m Zen calm. ;-D

    • Ethan Schmidt

      Didn’t you see the wrist band? He clearly has a vibrant social life! Have you learned nothing?!

      • Chriss

         I got a map of the world on my wall…it doesn’t mean I have visited all the continents. As it happens I have but maybe you get my point. Then again perhaps you don’t. That’s a big F-in FAIL. Maybe you get the point now? Sitting in front of a mac taking pictures of yourself is sad.

      • S.H.

        Arrogant and bitter – congratulations on being an archetypal Brit! XOXO

      • roxanne


      • roxanne


      • Niki

        I’m pretty sure everyone here realises that taking pictures in front of a mac is kind of sad. The sadness of being a camwhore is validated by the fact that he is putting here and clearly able to make fun of himself.

    • Ellesse

      Firstly, you make London sound like all doom and gloom… which it’s not. The weather is a bit dull – agreed – but it’s not like we experience lootings and extreme rioting on a daily basis. Secondly, and most relevant to this article, Photo Booth is hardly a life consuming activity! I can testify that it is possible to use Photo Booth frequently and ‘get out of the house’ regularly. Lol.

      • Chriss

        No, London has doom & gloom joy and excitement and many other things – I wouldn’t live in any other city – and certainly we cannot compete with other European cities such as Paris when it comes to rioting.
        As for you comments about Photo Booth and getting out of the house; you can testify all you like Ellesse, but can you prove it? ;-D

  • Julian Galette

    Hipster Potter

  • Stephanie Georgopulos


  • Anonymous

    ladies, i firmly believe that photobooth is the new hand-held mirror for nether region self-discovery. 

    • Guest

      oh samantha!!!!

  • LDN

    your laney boggs pic made me tingle. you look like clarke kent.

  • eff sox

    enjoyed this one, ryan.

  • Caleb Ray

    I think these type of photobooth pictures is an archetype for mac users. Loved this!

  • Kim

    BTW, you have been blowing up on my facebook feed lately, Ryan. I had no idea so many people read ThoughtCatalog, but not surprised they read and share your articles! :)

  • G Barlow94

    You look like Andrew Rannells. A Bit. 

  • Keli Anaya

    Ryan, that second one makes you look kinda like a bro. But in that ‘way hot and you can just put your glasses on and be a cute hipster again’ kind of way. Best of both worlds imho. 

  • Rayan Khayat

    Ryan!!!! I will make a collage, print it and put in in my notebook. Teen Dream <3

    • Gay World Problems

      I’m doing this after I save part two’s pics.

  • ryan's #1 fan

    ryan’s fabulous xoxo

  • Breakfast Bachelor

    Been there, done ’em all, and can personally identify with every single one.

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