I Hate Summer

I take back everything good I ever said about summer. It’s the pits. Everything is too hot, time moves too fast, you spend every waking moment feeling physically uncomfortable. I never thought I would say this, but is it fall yet?

I know that part of the reason why I no longer like summer is because I’m not in school anymore. Before this, I spent the months of June, July, and August usually toiling away at some internship and spending endless hours drinking boxed wine on my friend’s porch. Summer felt like a true vacation, a real break from the daily grind, and that’s what made it so magical. We felt like we had earned this time. Everything we had done up until this point was for these three golden months of freedom. People became drunk off time, less inhibited and willing to do whatever. Summer had this mystical witchy vibe to it. It made everyone a little nuts but in the best way possible.

Since getting a full-time job, summer feels as if it has been sterilized, like someone chopped its balls off. Now it just feels like three months of your life when the weather is super hot and you’re sweating from places you didn’t think were possible, and oh my god, can someone please get you a water?! It becomes annoying. Instead of being the friend you’ve missed for the past nine months, it becomes a terrorizing bugaboo and a painful reminder that you’re growing up. You’re not allowed to have summer anymore. NO SUMMER FOR YOU, YOU 24-YEAR-OLD!

This is what summer used to mean: Wake up at 11 in the morning and call your friends. “Where are you? Come over?” and then they would. They would ride their bikes wearing shorts and a tank top and you would sit there in the heat deciding what to do next. No one would ever know but eventually someone would decide to get beers and go swimming so you would. You would live in your bathing suits and swim in cold water and get medium drunk off of some drinks. The day would be unremarkable, just like any other, but it would be the best Groundhog’s Day possible. Lazy summer haze over and over.

When the sun would go down, you’d change and maybe eat some fish tacos or maybe have your other friends come over. Hopefully there would be a party going on that night. Parties in the summer were always great because everyone would practically be naked and be down to hook up. People would get passed around like summer fruit and no one seemed to mind. It was understood that because it was summer, people were allowed to behave differently. There was a casualness to those months that never spilled over into the other seasons. Summer was our time to bend the rules and play with the social norms.

If there wasn’t a party, you could go on a night drive with your friends. The air would be thick with humidity and your bodies would be lumped together in the backseat but it was fun because you could listen to good music and maybe see a ghost. You could stick your feet out the window and drive fast or kiss someone under a blanket and drive to a beach and have a bonfire. You could do all of these things because you were allowed to. You were expected to.

Even if you tried to do that again, even if all of your friends took off work and you spent the day recreating past summers, it wouldn’t work. Too much has changed. Real life would be hanging over you like a dark cloud and you’d just be reminded of how much things have changed and how you can never get certain things back.

I don’t mind things changing. I really really don’t. I just wanted to keep summer the way it was. Take it all away from me but please don’t take summer. Oops, too bad. you already took it. Hate you, summer. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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    i wanna google + the shit out of this.

  • http://twitter.com/hereticaneue Heretica Neue

    I hate summer too. Mostly because it’s fucking hot as hell.

  • coffeeandinternets

    I don’t even have a Real Job this summer and still despise this season.   Window A/C units are a joke and my box fan is more box than fan. 

    I just want a breeze and the option to wear a cardigan, ya’ll.  Why don’t NY just let me be happy.

  • A.

    This really should be titled “How To Not Pick an Internship”. I’m so sorry that your lowly intern has gone out of her way to attempt to be helpful. How awful it must be for you to give her filing to occupy the time she’s wasting at your company. Let’s not even talk about how she likely is unpaid (and essentially paying for this position,  as she’s required to “earn college credit”, all so the company can feel justified in having a modern day slave. I’ve held a number of internships, ones were I was bored out of my mind, and others where the work-load was obscene.

    Congratulations on being that bitch of a boss who made me feel like I was imposing by giving up 20+ hours of my time so I could put some damn “experience” on my resume. Fuck you.

    • A.

      Fuck wrong tab. Kindly disregard.

    • A.

      Fuck wrong tab. Kindly disregard.

  • Sippycup

    Summer in SF is the tits.

  • http://twitter.com/SisterSoda Eva

    “I never thought I would say this, but is it fall yet?”
    I cannot wait not soaking through my clothes and then getting frostbit in the lungs whenever I enter a grocery store. I cannot wait feeling fresh walking down the street without a constant hankering for a shower. I cannot wait for the purposefulness fall evokes with back to school nostalgia. I cannot wait for my bloody birthday in September!
    actually, it’s quite good fun looking forward to it all :)

  • http://www.noahtourjee.com Noah Tourjee

    Thats the beauty of Seasons!

  • Guest

    You described summer perfectly… fish tacos. Ha. Percect for a Brooklyn hipster.

  • Comic Insult

    As you get older, the only thing summer brings is a change in the weather. So depressing.

  • FC

    Damn dude, you are one nostalgic s.o.b. Those memories are gonna be a sad haze by the time you’re thirty. :(

    • http://www.twitter.com/mexifrida Frida

      I’m fc too…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQBOL3ZHPHDYFGRD53EVFREV4A El puto

     I spent most of my college summers getting hammered. Eff all the nostalgia. lol

  • The R

    @Ryan Congratulations, you’re becoming an adult somewhat late in life.

    If you can’t take it you should probably kill yourself.


    • Whatever


  • Guest

    Summer’s been awesome here.

  • http://goldenday.tumblr.com Kia Etienne

    I live in Texas, its always summer.
    I still get the nostalgia of the article though, its appreciated.

  • Gmeyer34

    You suck. I cannot wait to see a post in December from your dumb face complaining about how you want summer back. Seasons change, complaining hipsters dont.

    • Nicole

      No you suck!   *snicker*

  • http://dirtyyoungmen.wordpress.com Maxwell Chance

    I want to go back to school. 

  • http://www.nosexcity.com NoSexCity

    I think summer would be a lot more fun if we were all fucking freelancers. (But that might just be a ‘grass is greener’ line of thought.)

  • Brandon h

    I love summer, more than when I was in school. Live with the crippling depression that is seattle 9 months out of the year for 9 years and you will agree. 
    As for Fish tacos?  That is so fucking pretentious. I’m glad you were Mr. Popular during your summers, but most of us had quite boring summers during school. Working has made me appreciate it more.
    I’m sorry Ryan, but this article gets filed under pretty white kids with problems. 

    P.S Our July high was 76 degrees, suck it rest of the nation!

    • Guest

      Didn’t it get up to, like, 80 once?

      • Brandon h

        Meh, maybe, but my suck it still stands!

      • Guest

        Yes it fucking does.  Suck it, heat waves.

    • melt

      love the summer then and now. love 90+ degrees in the sticky City. love night drives to the hamptons to escape city heat. love fish tacos. love ryan. and LOVE pretty white kids with problems.

      …oh, and i’m sorry you weren’t Mr. Popular during your summers. you missed out

  • jjules

    As much as I like your writing, I need to stop reading these articles. They should all just be titled “More Reasons to be Depressed About Not Being 18 Anymore.” 

    But I still think Summer will always be my favorite season. 

  • jjules

    As much as I like your writing, I need to stop reading these articles. They should all just be titled “More Reasons to be Depressed About Not Being 18 Anymore.” 

    But I still think Summer will always be my favorite season. 

  • Miranda

    My summer’s a bit less Magical Drunk Party Time and a bit more Sit Around By Myself Playing The Sims All Day. I guess I’ll miss it being socially acceptable to do absolutely nothing for months on end, but I won’t really miss the painful boredom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nattusmith Natt Smith


  • Ika

    I am jealous of you for living in a seashore-city in California

  • http://imlikecocaine.wordpress.com/ Ana

    i feel you. school’s over, so this summer revolves around fighting with agoraphobia, sweating/showering/sweating some more, fighting the anxiety of being “too undressed”, and way too much free time spent all alone in front of the laptop.
    oh, the bonus is creating accounts on job sites. just one more trip to the seaside, then i’ll get a job. just one more trip…

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamahmad Ahmad Radheyyan

    I love summer.

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