Ten Flawless Albums That Are Also Totally Depressing

I really like listening to depressing music. It actually makes me happy. Is that weird? Anyway, here are my top ten depressing albums. Please don’t kill yourself.

1. Among My Swan by Mazzy Star

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHk-J4I3Fjk&w=575&h=390%5D

No, this album does not have their # 1 hit “Fade Into You” on it. That would be So Tonight That I Might See, which is also a great record but not as flawless as Among My Swan. Songs likes “Rhymes Of An Hour” and “Happy” show the band at its most miserable AKA best. With Hope Sandoval’s hazy vocals that sound like a bottle of Vicodin, Mazzy Star didn’t stand a chance at creating upbeat pop songs. And thank god because depression has never sounded so good. I recommend you listen to “Disappear” while submerged in your bathtub acting like a jellyfish.

2. The Covers Record by Cat Power

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJrjoRx_sMk&w=575&h=390%5D

Cat Power has never been known to be a ray of music sunshine (which is why it’s weird that she lives in Miami) but she went to some #dark places with The Covers Record in 2000. She takes rock and roll covers like “{I Can’t Get No} Satisfaction” and “I Found A Reason” and injects them with her own particular brand of moodiness. Hell, she could do a record that’s entirely comprised of Raffi covers and still make you want to kill yourself. But that’s whats so great about Chan Marshall. She’s a giant bummer but a beautiful bummer. You make yourself sad just so you can listen to her stuff.

3. Sea Change by Beck

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6zAT15vaFk&w=575&h=390%5D

Love him or hate him, you must admire Beck’s ability to switch gears with every record he makes. It seems like he’s either super happy and making some good pop jams (“Odelay” and “Guero”) or making some serious introspective slow burners (“Mutations” and “Sea Change”). The latter record in particular is devastating to listen to. He doesn’t just dip his feet into the sadness pool, he throws his body into it. To be honest, I haven’t even listened to the whole thing, which says a lot coming from someone who loves kill yourself music.

4. Blue by Joni Mitchell

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCov0TYXBp8&w=575&h=390%5D
You know how when people say that certain music feeds their soul? I used to think that was a stupid/embarrassing thing to say until I really got into Joni Mitchell. She’s the # 1 California diva and although she doesn’t exclusively make sad music, her voice is so fragile and soulful that you can’t help but feel super emotional while listening to her. Her album, Blue, is undoubtedly her masterpiece. It really captures a young woman in the seventies navigating her way through relationships. I dare you to listen to a song like “The Last Time I Saw Richard” and not feel something. Listening to the record doesn’t make you feel the traditional kind of depressing. It’s like warm comforting melancholy. Does that make sense?

5. Ghost Blonde by No Joy

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joj2vaImkn0&w=575&h=390%5D

With a name like No Joy, you know this band isn’t going to be pumping out the “Teenage Dream”‘s. Fronted by two Canadian babes and signed to Mexican Summer, No Joy brings that lovely dense shoegaze sound to the masses by peppering their heavy songs with beautiful melodies. Any time the listener feels like its being swallowed up by darkness, the band brings you back with killer riffs and haunting vocals. No Joy makes you no longer miss happiness and sunshine. Their recipe for doom and gloom is euphoric.

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