Would You Date This Woman?

Your first thought while watching this unbelievably hilarious eHarmony video is probably something along the lines of, “This is fake. No one can be this insane.” But you’re wrong! Look, if there is one lesson you can glean from my million posts on this website, it should be that people are really really really crazy. So even if this woman is just a troll, I assure you that the real Debbie is out there somewhere sobbing about cats on an online dating website.

Even though I’ve never done online dating before, I have had some experience with it. When I was 12 or 13, my father was in a post-divorce dating frenzy and since there wasn’t much of an online dating presence, he would actually have to post personal ads in the paper. My father (perhaps unwisely) would often share with me the humorous responses he would receive, handing me the phone so I could listen to bizarre voicemails from these strange broken women. Like Debbie in the eHarmony video, they couldn’t even contain the crazy in a first impression. After laughing together for about ten minutes, we would then deduce that a lot of people were just out of their minds and it was very sad but thank god we weren’t one of them!

Maybe it was this traumatizing introduction to online dating that has made me stay away from it. That or I’m just a big ol’ scaredy cat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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