Watch This Episode Of The View And Start Tripping On Acid!

People who clip together moments in pop culture really don’t get enough credit. This episode of The View has been remixed brilliantly by a dude named Nick denBoer to resemble an acid trap {or what I would imagine one to be like. All I know is that I’m trippin’, boo). Never have the words, “I was raped, I was molested” sounded so catchy and uplifting, and don’t even get me started on the terrifying tag team that is Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters.

Truth be told, I’ve never seen a full episode of The View. I did, however, catch a bit of the episode in which Whoopi showed up to the roundtable discussions still high from the Xanax she took for her red-eye. Thanks to that wondrous moment, I know now that Xanax Whoopi is the only Whoopi I shall ever care about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via – Jezebel

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