People In Washington D.C. Are Having The Most Sex In The U.S.

Here’s something to add to our “How To Live in Washington D.C.” post: Have lots of sex! A recent survey done by Trojan condoms has revealed that residents of D.C. have the most sex out of anyone in the U.S.. 75% say they have sex on the regular (LIARS!) and 70% are down to have even more. I guess this sort of makes sense considering it’s where our nation’s politics reside. Wanna have tons of sex? Get in on that Capitol Hill tip!

But wait, don’t cry just yet because there’s more. Even though people in D.C. are knocking boots 24/7, they’re not having the most satisfying sex. That great distinction belongs to New York and Philadelphia! So don’t feel so bad, okay? According to this possibly B.S. survey, people in D.C. are just nymphomaniacs who don’t know how to bone properly. Meanwhile, a city like New York might be having less sex but at least they know how to do it!

I don’t know about you guys, but I would be interested in seeing these types of surveys be expanded. For example, which city has the most angry sex, vacuous sex, or drunk sex? (New York, Los Angeles, and somewhere in the Midwest maybe?) Who is having the most shame spirals or regretful morning after brunches? One thing’s for certain: Utah’s having the weirdest sex/no sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – dougtone

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