Here’s Proof That Middle Schoolers Are Evil

Whether you’re a male or female, everyone is an asshole in middle school. On Monday, two girls attacked and stripped an 11-year-old boy on camera and uploaded the video to YouTube. Understandably outraged, the boy’s mother alerted the police but was met with indifference—the general consensus being that it was simply a prank and that there wasn’t that much of a case. Uh-oh, do I smell a double standard? The mother points out in her interview with Fox that if it were a girl who had been stripped by two boys, the police would immediately get involved.

She’s right obviously. If a girl were pinned down and stripped by two evil middle school boys, it would invoke a shitstorm. But because he was a boy, it’s viewed as a harmless prank—two girls just getting their ya-ya’s out. In a way, I get it. These girls are going to have to deal with so much crap from men throughout the course of their lives. Switching the tables must feel kind of good but it’s still not very nice to have someone strip you against your will.

This whole incident lends further credence to my theory that middle schoolers are the most terrifying form of human. They hate everything, especially themselves, and they’re on the hunt to make people hurt as much as they do. Whenever I find myself near a middle school, my heart starts beating fast and I have to run to the other side of the street. 11-year-olds are ruthless. They will call you ugly and fat straight to your face and then apparently strip you naked and broadcast your prepubescent penis to the world. I would rather deal with the Hell’s Angels, honestly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Noize Photography

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