Here’s Proof That Middle Schoolers Are Evil

Whether you’re a male or female, everyone is an asshole in middle school. On Monday, two girls attacked and stripped an 11-year-old boy on camera and uploaded the video to YouTube. Understandably outraged, the boy’s mother alerted the police but was met with indifference—the general consensus being that it was simply a prank and that there wasn’t that much of a case. Uh-oh, do I smell a double standard? The mother points out in her interview with Fox that if it were a girl who had been stripped by two boys, the police would immediately get involved.

She’s right obviously. If a girl were pinned down and stripped by two evil middle school boys, it would invoke a shitstorm. But because he was a boy, it’s viewed as a harmless prank—two girls just getting their ya-ya’s out. In a way, I get it. These girls are going to have to deal with so much crap from men throughout the course of their lives. Switching the tables must feel kind of good but it’s still not very nice to have someone strip you against your will.

This whole incident lends further credence to my theory that middle schoolers are the most terrifying form of human. They hate everything, especially themselves, and they’re on the hunt to make people hurt as much as they do. Whenever I find myself near a middle school, my heart starts beating fast and I have to run to the other side of the street. 11-year-olds are ruthless. They will call you ugly and fat straight to your face and then apparently strip you naked and broadcast your prepubescent penis to the world. I would rather deal with the Hell’s Angels, honestly. TC mark

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  • Michael Koh

    They do torment the crap out of me… pouring elmer's glue in my locks, kidnapping my cats…

  • Trey

    Yo, it's bullshit that the cops didn't do anything. The poor kid is going to be traumatized by this.  I can smell a civil suit

  • Perfect Circles

    “That kid needs to get his hands on a gun and kill those girls.”
    “Kids these days are out of fucking control.”
    “The other day a middle school boy called me gay because i didn't want to race bikes against him.”

    • Michael Koh

      Is this like the NY regents?

  • Catt

    Who the hell is stupid enough to post a video like that online? Like, I was dumb in middle school, but even I wasn't THAT dumb.

  • SisterRay

    Of course it's Florida. Nothing even remotely normalsauce ever seems to happen there.

    • LOL

      LOL normalsauce lol

    • Bema

      HEY! I live he-

      Eh, whatever, I don't give a fuck. In our defense, we do have a large population and high, brain-frying temperatures.

      • hunter ray

        I'm Floridian too Bema! It's scurry.

  • Scott Lewis

    i'm sure being on the news made the boy feel better

  • freddipass

    This reminds me of the 30 Rock where Liz walks outsides, sees a group of teens and says “Oh no, youths!” and runs the other way.

  • disgusted

    A little boy, moreover TWO boys stripping a girl at the same age would be charged as juvenile sex offenders.  These girls should be treated the same way.  Girls are getting worse and worse, remember the case of those cheerleaders beating the crap out of one girl in the home of one of the girls?  These girls are learning that their aggression comes with no consequence is not helpful to anyone.

  • ClarenceDW

    This is a minor sexual assault.

    This isn't a prank. This isn't a rape. This isn't a major sexual assault. But it is a minor one. The girls and boy are kids and so some mercy is called for. Nonetheless the girls should not be let off entirely , nor should they be treated any more leniently than a pair of boys who stripped a little girl. Personally, community service, mandatory counseling, and a mandatory apology is what I would think is fair, and if I was the girls parents either major and enforced groundings or spankings wouldn't be out the picture.

    I'm not surprised this hasn't gotten more attention. It doesn't fit many groups agendas.

    • Bema

      Finally, Clarence, an opportunity to take you on in a different venue.

      I think it's a rape [or major sexual assault, rape is a little harsh]. If we replace girl with boy then you have the classic set-up for a rape. So just because it's the other way around doesn't make it different.

      • ClarenceDW

        Rape involves penetration of some oriface legally.
        I've seen this one other place, and I don't recall them penetrating this boy with anything.

        Sexual assault. Same, but more serious, than a slap on the ass.

      • Bema

        Please argue this on ethecofem! Would love to have a serious debate about it.

      • ClarenceDW

        That's kind of funny.
        First you say you relish confronting me in another place, then suddenly it's back to ethecofem?

      • Bema

        I sure am an inconsistent bastard.

  • fjhg9
  • Logan23

    I want to know why they targeted this boy. There might be more going on here than simply this incident. Had they been bullying him prior to this? Why did these girl feel like they could emasculate this boy? If that's what they are doing. I have a feeling this is not the first time he has been harassed. what else goes on in this gated community?

  • Liz

    This sickens me.  It reminds me of something that happened to one of my friends in middle school. She was a practicing Muslim and got picked on frequently because of her religion.  One day she was  on the school bus and a popular girl pulled down her shirt while a popular boy took a picture.  She told me and our other close friends what happened and we went to the guidance counselor with her for moral support. The guidance  counselor told her she was over reacting and trying to make the situation more dramatic than it was by getting her friends involved.  The two disgusting middle school kids just got a stern talking to and that was the end of it.  Middle Schoolers ARE evil and the teachers and people students are supposed to trust just turn the other cheek.

  • Pollyanna

    Wow, high school in the USA sucks. Probably because of loose morals.

  • erk

    i feel uncomfortable with the fact that they showed the video, even though it is blurred. i'm not only uncomfortable with it because it's a disturbing incident, but mainly i'm wondering if the boy even wants it to be shown again on the news etc.?
    i think it comes back to the double standard and the general disbelief that girls would victimize a boy in such a malicious manner. it almost seems like they think the video needs to be publicly shown in order for the audience to even consider the attack legitimate. if i were the victim, i don't know how i'd feel if the public had to actually witness my trauma in order to take it seriously. i feel sorry for the boy.

    • Bema

      It makes for lurid entertainment, and that's all that matters to YouTube or

      the news networks.

  • MM

    i watched another news cast and the mom isn't pressing charges. 

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a Muslim, but this is where sharia law would come in handy.

    An eye for an eye? Yes please.

  • bergamasque


    the way the community and cops are treating this is disgusting. 

    forcibly gang-stripping a child naked and posting footage of it where anyone can view is a horrible invasion of privacy, even when done by other children.  as everyone has pointed out, flipping the genders would make it a different set of crimes – this is highly problematic.

    the very notion of treating the girls differently than hypothetical boys – that whole concept is just one of many fucked up nuts and bolts in the system of gender inequality; the mom that doesn't press charges creates  world where women are second class citizens.

    this is along the same lines as the handicapped woman that wrote an article on here and got 99% positive feedback for okay writing on a heartwrenching topic.  take the kid gloves off.  a marginalized group will never reach equality if we keep treating them delicately.

  • valtameri

    This makes me cry. The kid sounds like my little brother. The world is sick.

  • Guest

    Just curious.. how fricking strong are those girls to be able to hold down this boy (or weak is the boy)??

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