Girl Loses Her Mind After Watching Breaking Dawn Trailer

So before we dive into this really sad albeit hysterical video of a fan reacting to the Breaking Dawn trailer, I’ll admit that I don’t get the whole fascination with Twilight. I saw the first two and watched half of the third (I walked out halfway through because I had eaten a pot brownie and shit was starting to get real weird), and I find the movies to be an overall snoozefest. The only redeeming qualities are Taylor Lautner’s beautiful body and watching Kirsten Stewart attempt to make a facial expression. Oh, and the fact that they’re totally gay. The men are treated like sex objects while the female characters are sort of homely and gross. I appreciate that. It’s a refreshing change from the usual male gaze in cinema. But other than being full of naked men, I find the whole franchise to just be scary propaganda. Sex is bad. Abstinence is good. These  harmful messages have resonated with people for a long time but to see them be played out in a wildly popular Young Adult series is sort of terrifying.

But whatever. The cheese obviously stands alone. Just watch this twister sister/Twihard react to the new Breaking Dawn trailer. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • anon

    i lol'd

  • Guest

    dear lord. is it really bad that i automatically assumed that the girl would be an american making us look like asses?

    • Maryam

      Hee, I went there too.  I always figure that if there's an idiot online responding hysterically to something inane and insulting to thinking people everywhere, that person must be one of us.

  • keightley

    drop the twinkies and the rob pattinson fantasies and go for a walk, lady

  • Daniel

    This is almost as entertaining as it is disturbing.

  • blog

    you can watch them in “Synchro Vision” here

    • kiefer


    • Bourdillon

      This raises more questions than it answers.

  • SparkerPants

    Personally I'm more terrified by the child grooming present in the series, but maybe that's just me.

  • Elle

    After she watched it the first time she said “It's not it, I need more.”
    Is she a crack addict or what?

    Also the vid needs subtitles. I couldn't understand half of what she said through the shitty accent and hysterics.

  • Elle

    Also, when she said “What am I gonna do [when it ends]?”, the first thing that popped into my head was “Mass suicide?”

  • Elle

    After she said “What am I gonna do [when it's over??]” I immediately thought Mass suicide??

    • Woyzeck

      Even if it was just her who killed herself, it would count as a mass suicide.

      • hm.

        Oh come on.

      • Woyzeck

        You're just upset because no-one has ever had a crack at fat people before. I'm sure they can take a joke, you just have to wrap it in ham first.

      • Bema

        I'm ashamed to say that I laughed, but I quickly quenched that laughter once I realized how shallow it was.

      • Woyzeck

        Want me to go…. deeper?

  • Tim

    There's actually something really fucked up with the people who become addicted to these terribly made books and movies. I and many of my friends were huge Harry Potter fans, and for over a decade we were enthralled as a new one came out. They symbolised our authentic love for fantasy, adventure, and the power of imagination. We loved them as kids, as teens, and now as adults. That was something that made them extra special; it wasn't something we 'grew out of', every time a new one came out it was exciting and amazing. In about a month it'll all finally come to an end. Now I might get a little sad at the idea of it all, and potentially even shed a tear or two in the dark of the theatre, but WTF?! This book+movie series, which was a constant love for around half of my life, and which I imagine I will still enjoy in many decades to come (much like Star Wars, but please; no flaming) is over. OK, I can accept that. Twilight has been around for 2, maybe 3 years? And you're crying over the fucking trailer? You detract from the dedication that fans had for quality entertainment and fantasy (yes, both HP and Star Wars), and you need to GET A FUCKING LIFE!

    • Maryam

      I'm also a big Harry Potter fan–I was one of those chicks in her thirties who dressed up for the midnight release parties.  Being so geeky, I'm reticent to crap on someone else's fandom–even a crappy fandom.  

      That said, I think that this woman's dedication to Twilight is unhealthy.  You know what I did when I finished reading Harry Potter?  I read something else (on my reading level, even).  You know what I'm going to do when the movies are over?  Watch another movie–probably one geared towards adults.  And, when I want to go back to Hogwarts, I'll read/watch again.  The last movie isn't the end of the world, honest.

  • ;:. this the official trailer, or

  • Guest

    She's just young and that's how girls of that age are sometimes.   Beatle mania, NKOTB fever, Twilight – it's all the same.   Guys are the same but it comes out different.  They get into fights and smash up stuff.  That's how it goes until we become who are supposed to be.  I'm just thankful that there was no such thing as YouTube when I was in high school.  Honey, you've got beautiful skin and a great sense of humor.  Don't let the jerky comments on here get into your head.  Anonymous comments don't determine your worth.  And let me recommend the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.  All the Twi fans I know fell in love with it.

    • Maryam

      Were she 14, I'd agree with you.  But, per her You Tube profile, she's 24 years old–she's an adult, and she's screeching like a teenager at a Beatles or NKOTB concert.  That's pretty sad.

      I do think that the comments about her personal appearance are mean, not to mention shallow and miss the point; her weight is clearly the least of her problems.

  • Briana

    I found this to be extremely hilarious.

  • Mary Quite-contrary

    This was about 25% more terrifying than Trash Humpers

  • obsolete

    “oooh, waterfall sex!” LOLOLOL

  • Perfect Circles

    There was a viral video of me in the early 90s reacting this way to the trailer for Aladdin, so I can't cast the first stone.

  • lauren

    This chick's a really good actress.

  • Ariel

    It seems like she is doing this to get her 15 minutes of fame as an internet celeb more than anything else.

  • Francisco García

    She's been doing this with every Twilight trailer, movie, and book release since 2008.

  • OpusDea

    So, I'm confused. Did she read the book series or not? She's acting like she had no idea whats going to happen. 

    Oooh Waterfall sex!

    • Maryam

      That confused me too.  You'd think that someone who cries when she sees the preview for a movie based on a book would have actually read the book, and thus wouldn't be so shocked by what she's seeing.

  • sloppysoup


  • xra

    is it really that bad to have a series where the characters don't fuck? i mean, it's one thing to hate on abstinence-only education or lame shit like that, but going the extra step and considering it “harmful” to have any media out there that doesn't wholeheartedly encourage people to screw around is another.

    • Tom Violence

      But they do fuck and it apparently is the stimulus for all of the bad things that happen in the movie.

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