Do You Love Your Lady Parts?

Do you love your vagina? Prove it by singing along to the new top 40 summer jam, “Love Your Vagina”! Created for mooncup—a British company that provides an alternative to tampons—the song includes all the different kinds of ways you can say vagina (apparently there’s a lot). In case you think some of them are too outlandish to be true (whisker biscuit anyone?), the names were actually taken from a loveyourvagina poll that asked women for their favorite vagina euphemisms. So somewhere out there, a woman actually does refer to her vagina as her majesty. So there.

This is just begging for a follow-up song called “Love Your Penis (Unless It’s Small, Then You Can Resent It)”, am I right? All kidding aside, do people actually call their baby makers a special name? I always thought that was a myth perpetuated by the girlie media and Chelsea Handler. I know that men don’t really call their penises anything other than My Huge Dick and/or My Crushing Disappointment. What’s your special name for your special place?Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via Jezebel

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