Why The Internet Can Sometimes Be A Lovely Place

Having worked almost exclusively on the blogosphere for my (short) professional life, I can confidently say that the Internet is a pretty dark screwed up place. My take away message from having spent 70% of my waking days online is that people are angry. Very angry. And the anonymity the internet provides people with allows them to act completely insane with little consequences.

That’s what makes success stories like “It Gets Better” all the more sweet (and a tad ironic.) Started by Dan Savage as a reaction to the recent stories of gay bullying (one case in particular had the internet entirely to blame when a gay student committed suicide after he discovered that his roommate had secretly broadcasted his sexcapades on a hidden webcam in their room), the project spread like wildfire—attracting the participation of a diverse group of celebrities from Lady Gaga to Vinny from Jersey Shore. Through these personal testimonies, the internet was able to evolve from being a source of torment to becoming a safe space for gay people.  It showed that although the internet can be a terrifying place, it can also be used for good. WHAT A CONCEPT. Ugh….

Anyway, Google Chrome made this sweet video chronicling the evolution of the It Gets Better project. Few things on the internet have the ability to make me sublimely happy but this was one of them. Enjoy! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7skPnJOZYdA&w=575&h=390%5D

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