The Funniest Voicemail You’ll Ever Hear

Why am I always late to seeing YouTube viral videos? This audio clip of a voicemail has already received over a million hits. Why? Because it’s hilarious and real. A drunk girl describes her shameless crush to the wrong boy and the whole experience is excruciating and awkward and hysterical to listen to.

Do you ever wonder sometimes though that these internet memes are actually just hoaxes? I mean, how easy would it be to leave a fake voicemail on your friend’s phone? You pretend to be drunk, say funny things, and voila! We have an “authentic” slice of life moment on the internet! Whether this particular viral video is real or not is, I guess, irrelevant. It could be real. It has happened to you. You have done something kind of like this. Technology: Major source of shame and humiliation since, like, 2002. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Duchamp

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