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New York In Slow Motion

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Sometimes living in New York can feel like you’re living your life in fast forward. Lovers, seasons, and friends all bleed together to represent little moments in your young adult life. Before you know it, you’ve lived here for seven years. Just try not to think about where the time went.

Ironically, the moment when it slows down is the time you spend underground in the subways, away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. People shut down on the trains. Their faces go blank, they bury their heads in their clothes, it’s like they just caught their breath. When it’s time for you to get off at your stop, life snaps back into reality and you have to face the city again. Those few minutes it takes to get above ground are depicted beautifully in Sarah Klein and Tom Mason’s short film, “Sub City New York.” Using slow motion, they monitor the difficult transition from the underground back to the real world. TC mark

image – Gawker TV
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  • Harry

    beautiful song

  • Olivia

    What is the name of this song?1

    • mindkilla

      erik satie, gymnopedie #1 i think

  • Bema

    Good video. But I love Erik Satie!

    Instead of Gymnopédie being the soundtrack for the video, I feel this is more of a music video for Gymnopédie. 123 years later. And cut off.

  • LadyinRed

    am i the only person reading this site who doesn't live in  new york? because the content seems rather new yorker-centric.

    • Bema

      Hell, I live in po'dunk Tampa. Don't feel bad, we can all aspire to better things.

  • Kathbarbadoro

    None of these articles about new york have to be specific to new york, it's just that the people writing them are young enough to have not really lived on their own anywhere else, so they think this stuff is specific to that location.

    • Ricky Schillitz

      uhh don't think you get it dog…..

  • gygga4
  • space mtn

    i dont live in new york

  • Joseph Piccininni, Jr.

    what's the soundtrack? i've heard this before. perhaps one of those anti-depressant commercials they play on lifetime?

    • beatricekt

      it's a classical song by E.Satie

  • Greg

    mmmm delicious

  • Bob

    Are the writers of thought catalog generally aware that there are other cities in the world?

  • Lesharo

    Being from somewhere other than NYC, I wouldn't have known those people were in slow motion without the title…that's just how fast people walk around here.  (I may not live in the exact middle of nowhere, but it is Middle-of-Nowhere adjacent))

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