New Internet Startup Promises To Find Friends For Alienated Couples

Have you ignored your friends since getting into an all-consuming relationship? To avoid future guilt trips, do you wish you could only socialize with other couples? You could go on double dates and talk about your relationships together. Going on a gondola ride or renting two-seater bikes by the beach would be a swell idea! If only there was a website that helped you do this. It would be like Facebook but for couples only!

Oh wait, it actually does exist. Happy day! A new internet startup called Friend Dept. promises to be a place where couples can make long-lasting friendships with other couples (that is until one of the couples break up and are released back into the wild. Then they are out of the club and will never be spoken to again.) The website suggests making “friends with other couples for hiking, going to concerts, watching movies, or just making dinner.” And for the very real possibility of group sex.

All kidding aside, this website seems like a terrifying joke. If I were in a relationship right now, I would make my boyfriend sign up immediately with me.  We then would pick the creepiest goth couple on the site and let the games begin! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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