Is Facebook Over?

I recently found this on someone’s Tumblr and felt a lightbulb go off in my head that said, “Facebook is over!” It wouldn’t be that surprising. Like Myspace and Friendster before it, Facebook might be approaching its social network sell-by date. The redesign is shitty, the photo albums are structured in such a way that makes lurking less fun, and the people who were the original users are growing up and feeling more mature on Twitter. Who knows though? Maybe Facebook is going to last forever. Maybe a new generation of kids will always take solace in a website that allows you to “poke” people. What do you think? Is the website here to stay or finally showing signs of old age? TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Laura Green

    Dead. Deleted mine last month.

  • Andrew

    I also deleted mine a few months ago. Facebook sucks

  • sidebar

    Its still a worthwhile way to keep in touch….when you lose your phone.

  • magalina hagalina

    I deleted mine in December and haven't looked back. I don't have anything against people who use Facebook. I just find it annoying when Facebook is used as the sole means of promotion. For example, a band I like posted their new single. The only way that I could download the single was to “like” their band page on Facebook. WTF? Isn't that what band websites and Myspace are for?

    • YeaH

      YES, this! It's so annoying when bands/events (that I actually care about) are limited to facebook. Not everyone has a facebook. This does not mean I'm not interested in random campus events (that offer free pizza)

  • Marcus Estvanko

    I find facebook annoying. People no longer use it to keep in touch, they use it to bitch and complain about their lives. I like tumblr and twitter.

    • magalina hagalina

      I agree, I find Tumblr and Twitter the best ways for me to get information I actually care about.

  • Kathy

    I'm getting annoyed with the new designs too, and I think a lot of people are, but I don't think Facebook can truly die until something else, a true competitor, arrives on the scene. And not Twitter. I hate Twitter and I think a lot of the people who are currently discontented with Facebook feel the same, plus it doesn't serve a similar enough function.

    Facebook is in critical condition, but there can't be a true exodus until there's a new site with a similar enough purpose and attractive enough improvements. Or at least, until such a site appears, *I'm* staying put.

  • CE

    That's the whole article? I was hoping for something a little more insightful/convincing. Yes, Facebook is over, but I want to read about it in the pithy voice of Thought Catalog, not in the “what do you think?” style of HuffPo.

  • Josh Liburdi

    I think Twitter and Facebook appeal to different tendencies. Tweets are more immediately accessible to a larger audience and are easily shared while Facebook is (largely) cut-off from the rest of the world; there's more concern about privacy on Facebook. I guess some people lock their Twitter accounts, but I don't really get that.

    • Luke Bourassa

      Twitter is good for the “random factor” as well, since you can follow thousands of people and you never know who's tweet you might see when you check the feed.

  • sure it is

    it's still the easiest way to keep in contact with the most amount of people, unless all of your friends have decided to declare a site with 500 million or so members dead.

  • Adam

    Serious question: what is “more mature” about Twitter? Twitter requires you even less to establish any kind of persistent identity… I've never really seen the point of it.

  • Luke Bourassa

    I think Facebook is less fun than it used to be that also might be growing older and discovering other ways to get info. But I agree with other comments here that FB can't die until something else comes along that stores your photos, profile, thoughts, and allows link exchange all in one easy to use platform. And even then, people will have to migrate, or the competitor won't fly.

    I'd say Facebook is sort of like my Google Homepage. I open it frequently because it gives a good snapshot of “what's happening,” and it contains stuff from people I know… but one I've gotten the picture of whats going on today, I move into RSS feeds, Twitter, etc. because they allow me to gain deeper and wider input.

  • Rob

    And when the world has moved on to Tumblr, then what? It'll be the same pig in shinier lipstick …

    • Nive

      I couldn't agree more….

  • Nive

    Call It Communication Breakdown Or Whatever, But I've Made A Smart Move And Deleted Mine In November, I Don't Feel The Need To Go Back. There Is More To Life Than Getting 'Poked'.

    • Denden

      Why is every word in your sentence cap'ed?

  • eddyindigo

    It's reached saturation in two ways. First of all, there isn't anything new or exciting about Facebook anymore. Second, it's become too popular. When everyone goes there, what's the point?

    • Jennifer

      Not trying to start an argument here, I'm just curious — what's wrong with everyone being on facebook? If there was a new site for “keeping in touch with people” (ha, ha), what would be great about it if you were the only one on it?

      • eddyindigo

        Nothing, really. The character of the site has changed, though. It's gone from a collegiate network to something more like the post office. It's definitely useful, but that isn't what Ryan seemed to be asking.

        At the moment, my friends' updates to each other about what's new and interesting in life are all coming from Twitter. It's kind of strange, because I'm pretty sure that Twitter has even more users overall. I think that it partly has to do with all of us being connected on Twitter, while few of our casual acquaintances are. Facebook posts, on the other hand, are now either family-newsletter-style updates or inside jokes referring to something that happened last night and only 3 other people were present for. I can't say for sure that it hasn't actually always been like that, but it's gotten old very recently.

        Also, it's now going to be a minimum of 2 hours before the “Twitter” sounds like a word again.

  • Miley

    A: no

  • Aelya

    People forget about the other aspect of Facebook, the one that allows organizations to deliver news and updates with ease, as well as Facebook users to create groups for a specific purpose, big or small.

    Ex: coordinating for something like a surprise party

  • AlbatrossYeltsin

    The Internet allows us to share ideas and media like never before and will continue to do so for what I hope to be, a very long time… but after four years of having a facebook account, I decided to call it quits. I have never liked how the majority of users, well, people, use a website as their MAIN METHOD OF SOCIAL INTERACTION. The dependency on a website in order to communicate with others is just sad. Easier? Perhaps, but it has come to a point where if you don't have an account on said website, people pretend like you don't exist. It's simply dehumanising. Plus, I could go into the whole ever-changing-privacy-issues-with-or-without-you-knowing spiel… I hope there's a shift in idea soon or else society is going to go down the drain. This stuff belongs in a dystopian sci-fi novel.

    • SisterRay

      Facebook is ubiquitous now, it's true, but I do rely on it to communicate with my friends in different parts of the world, particularly since I moved to a different country for undergrad and then moved to a different state far away from my home for grad school. For the people who I was friends with but not ultra close with, Facebook has been a great way to stay in touch. But for the ones who no longer have accounts, it's a lot more difficult – not everyone checks their email all the time/you don't always have enough to say to warrant an email, and talking on the phone is kind of on that same level. So if I want to communicate with my friends who live far away without FB, we have to resort to occasional texts. Maybe FB is lazy communication, but I honestly think it's helped me preserve my relationships with my college friends who, pre-internet/pre-FB, I would've quickly lost touch with.

  • Becky Lang

    with that kind of sensational headline, at least present a new or interesting argument.

  • Mariah

    “Dead,” says the out of touch hipsters who have no conception of the astounding rate at which Facebook is growing.

    • nico

      Ah, but to a hipster it's “dead” because it's growing at an astounding rate. That's the key, being the first to drop something somehow makes one above every one else who are either still heavily involved or who are just becoming acquainted with said thing.

  • Guest

    Deleted mine. I'd like to think it dead; but don't think it will be just like that; I know many many people who keep in touch with others that way, who socialize via facebook many hours during the day…

  • Brian McElmurry

    Ironic that you posted this on facebook. But where else would you?

  • WilliamMcGubbins

    Twitter if for olds

    • mopey P

      and food trucks and Ashton Kutcher's assistant and a few rappers. That's it.

  • camille_b

    We can all collectively agree that their new modifications every damn month make our lives so much more difficult than they need to be. New inbox/messages design? New layouts? Having both groups & pages (any body know the difference??). We have to re-teach ourselves how to work the new versions of Facebook (for instance, most recently I've had to learn the habit of no longer using my ENTER key when making comments). After a while it gets tiring, which makes it unappealing to even log on to Facebook anymore. I mean, why bother? Every time I do I just get frustrated and feel like slamming my literal face into a book.

    • ricky sccchitliyz

      agree with dan above. seems like the majority are idiots like you [guest], who don't seem to understand that facebook is a business. every change they make is to improve user experience [more visitors, more ad revenue] or optimize advertising strategies [more appealing to businesses, more ad revenue]. most changes actually improve the user experience, the new messaging system allows for a chat history similar to gmail chat… but fucking retards like you who can't spend 5 minutes learning a new system wouldn't know that, would you?

      • Davidthegnome333

        You know what? Out of this whole page of comments, yours is the only one to insult someone else for disagreeing with you. That means you win the prize for being a knee-jerk A-hole.

      • Davidthegnome333

        You know what? Out of this whole page of comments, yours is the only one to insult someone else for disagreeing with you. That means you win the prize for being a knee-jerk A-hole.

  • Dan

    I still love Facebook. I'm a technically savvy user, so all the changes Facebook makes are totally welcome by me. They've never inconvenienced me, and I love all the new layouts. But I guess I'm in the small minority, everyone else seems to moan and bitch about every. single. change.

    And have you guys seen most Tumblr blogs? They're just as stupid, with endless reblogged memes. Only a small portion of the stuff on Tumblr is worth reading.

  • ntsfy

    It's really good for gigs/shows/things you're interested in. Just 'hide' people who post up vague statements/irrelevant things/things lacking context if they annoy you.

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