The Miley Cyrus Sex Doll

Have you ever wanted to have sex with Miley Cyrus? Have you ever been curious about Hannah’s Montana? Well now you (sort of/not really) can with the “Finally Miley” sex doll which celebrates Cyrus’ status as a legal adult. Naturally Miley is pissed about the creation. She’s released a (false) statement saying, “Only my masseuse, trainer, ex-boyfriends, current boyfriend and co-stars can have sex with me. This is disgusting!”

All kidding aside, this actually is kind of disgusting. How is it legal to take an 18-year-old’s likeness and turn it into a sex doll? How are a million people not being thrown into jail right now? After only being on the market for two days, the doll has apparently sold out. That means an innumerable amount of men (and possibly women) are having their very own party in the U.S.A. right now. Somewhere the real Miley is taking a very long bath right now. TC mark

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Ryan O'Connell

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  • faith

    If this is legal, a law needs to be altered.
    As an eighteen year old girl, I find this absolutely revolting.
    Regardless of “sexy” videos and vogue spreads, no teenage girl deserves to have a sex doll made in her likeness.This is disgusting, Every purchaser of this doll is disgusting.

    • ZaneEatsWorld

      but… but… I bought it ironically!

    • padface

      She's of legal age baby!

      Also if this disgusts you, then you are clearly not well acquainted with the internet.

    • Darksider

      Ur all fuckin haters nothin wrong with it but the doll should actually look like her hell i used to think of her when she was 14 thats when a girls best anyway that should be the legal age

  • lando

    doesn't even look like her, they're pretty much just using the name

  • brittany wallace

    3 achey love holes

  • lando

    guitar not included!!!

  • Carlos Ortiz

    this guys are huge trolls and I wonder how they feel about it on a personal level and what came first, the desire to troll or the desire for money, they probably make a lot of money, lol.
    and that was all I thought about this article.

  • IDK

    As a person in the public image, there is no law against it, nor should there be. Yeah, it's gross, and I would be beyond pissed if I were her, but her image (and the lampooning of it) are out there.

    • Tommmmmm

      rlly??? are you a celebrity that's reached sex doll status?

      • Tommmmmm

        i read your comment wrong. sorry.

  • guest

    You think people should go to jail for this? This seems like it was written by a 55 year old woman. I don't get how it is shocking or “disgusting” to you that people are attracted to 18 year old girls. Of course this sex doll is creepy but come on at insinuating people should go to jail.

  • Tommmmmm

    i read your comment wrong. sorry.

  • Lukethefiremen

    sorry miley, we forgot to tell you that these things happen if you publish sexypictures of you on myspace and facebook. get over it slutty


    Has anyone seen the new film Trust?

    No more sexualization of teenage girls.

  • Samwise246

    I bet the thing does not look at all like her.

  • aestheticallychallenged

    It could be worse. There is a Snooki blow up doll, after all.

  • aaron nicholas


  • spondera

    ppl who get a doll are uglies to can’t get a girl. that’s just embarassing needing a doll to amuse you. what do they put in that doll? a fleshlight?

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